Poems inspired by the pages of the Observer

Warrior Queen

Warrior Queen

Michelle Heslin scores a vital point for St Joseph’s during the second half. Photo by Willie Donnellan, Sept 12, 2014.

Her body is a taut bow of intent stretched

between the ballet-dancer tip of her arched left foot

and her flying, scraped-back ponytail.

Her right foot is an arrow piercing

the air - she claims descent from Artemis,

lover of the hunt, in a straight unbroken line -

is related by intimate blood to Maeve

on her queenly mother’s side.

I never was this girl. My love was swimming -

the cool of the salt sea yielding to my webbed fins,

the solitary underwater glide.

From my sitting room window, pen in hand,

I watch my neighbour’s children: girls and boys

tackling for possession; skilful fleet-footed dribblers.

The North West Hospice Needs Your Help

Headline, July 18 2014.

i.m. Teresa Corish and Michael Corish

And you need theirs.

Though today you are

healthy, a trout

swimming through rainbows;

though your mother is

young as a girl at heart;

though your father is

sturdy, a great black ox;

all will change,

this play will end,

you will need their help.