Des Guckian - "I am proud of what I achieved"

Des Guckian - "I am proud of what I achieved"

Following his defeat in the General Election, Independent Cllr Des Guckian stated, “I stood in Sligo-Leitrim as a real Independent and I’m proud of what I achieved.”

“I wish to thank my wife, family and the good supporters who voted for me. Big parties, with their big monies, won the day. I congratulate the successful candidates, but I cannot see any real change. There is no vision to guide us.

“There is need for an open and honest national debate and a proper National Government (as Britain had during WW2) lasting two years.

“New openness and transparency must replace cover-ups, spin and muddying the waters. As many people told me while canvassing “You cannot trust any party anymore.”

“The problems in employment, agriculture, health, education, emigration of our youth must be prioritised.

“There is a big need to create a Special Western Development Region so that rural areas and the western economy is revolutionised.

“Really fast broadband must be available everywhere. Would the founders of this nation, of 100 years ago, be proud of our present-day politicians? I cannot imagine that they would.”