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Leaving Cert Ordinary Level English paper well received by students and teachers

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Exam time.

At Ordinary Level, the Leavin Cert English paper was widely well received for its accessibility with much scope for students to reflect on their own experiences and humorous responses. Lorraine Tuffy, Studyclix Expert Teacher and English Teacher at Jesus and Mary School, Enniscrone said: “The article for inclusion in a school magazine offering advice to Leaving Certificate students on how to develop study skills, maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance in the build up to exams will be welcomed by many Ordinary Level candidates who are well equipped to answer this question.

"In fact, a reflective candidate would have done very well if they are capable of dishing out advice. One functional writing option, to advise third year students who are deciding on their subjects for senior cycle, encouraged candidates to consider the impact and influence of such choices.

"A question on Text 3 proposes that all teachers in Irish schools will be replaced by robots. Candidates were asked to write letters to the Editor of a newspaper giving reasons why they do or do not support the proposal. This question undoubtedly invited some humorous considerations on the student's part. I'd be interested to read what some of my students wrote for that one."