Apparently today's Leaving Cert Geography papers were "very doable"

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Dr Eddie Murphy's stress-busting tips for Kildare Junior and Leaving Cert students

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Overall the Leaving Cert Higher Level Geography Paper proved very doable for the well prepared candidate, but it was not without its twists, says Studyclix Expert Teacher Ailbe Murphy, a teacher at Jesus and Mary Secondary School, Enniscrone, Co Sligo.

According to Ailbe Murphy: "The Short Questions this year proved to be more time consuming than in previous years, with a strong emphasis on candidates’ map reading skills being tested.

"A widely tipped question on Biomes in the Geo-ecology section, would be seen as lovely by many students, with plenty of choice in the long answer questions. Some students however may have struggled with some of the wording and vocabulary in the Physical Geography section.

"Regional Geography saw some timely and stimulating questions on the economic and social questions facing the European Union as well as several references to migration. With Brexit, particularly on a day like today, many students would have found these question particularly stimulating.

“Overall the paper was manageable, but there were lots of points where you were making references to the Ordnance Survey map in the short questions, which was unusual."

The Ordinary Level Geography paper was also well received.
Ailbe Murphy said: “From looking at the exam and speaking to students, it seemed that this paper was very well received. With no surprises, the paper seemed engaging and accessible with an attractively presented set of questions that would pose no problems to the well prepared candidate."