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IT Sligo providing ‘gateway’ to Humanities in Leitrim and North West with two landmark degree programmes

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News Reporter

IT Sligo providing ‘gateway’ to Humanities in Leitrim and North West with two landmark degree programmes

Dr Brendan McCormack and actress Pauline McLynn launching the courses last year

Two landmark degree programmes that were introduced at IT Sligo last year — a BA (Hons) in English & Psychology and a BA (Hons) in Sociology & Politics — are allowing students in the North West to study closer to home.

As the Change of Mind deadline of July 1 closing date draws closer, IT Sligo is reminding students that it is the only Institute of Technology in the country to provide these courses. They were introduced in response to the growing demand for Humanities degrees.

The three-year courses provide smaller class sizes allowing students closer attention from  — and more access to – lecturers. Both combine practice and scholarship in imaginative and innovative ways providing opportunities to progress into many careers including public and voluntary sector, national and local government, arts management and community development.

Both degrees are aligned to the Teaching Council of Ireland and are suitable foundations for postgraduate teaching qualifications. A wide range of Master’s pathways are available 

In the BA in Sociology & Politics course, subjects covered include growing income equality, cultural differences, Brexit, Black Lives Matter, humans and technology and the age of mass migration.

In the BA in English and Psychology course, areas covered include feminist novelists, educational drama, popular theatre studies, intercultural literature, child development, personality, social relationships and mental health.

Dr Breda McTaggart, Head of Department of Social Sciences at IT Sligo, said, "With the Change of Mind date coming up soon, IT Sligo is urging local students to consider these courses which are providing quality education on their doorstep. We have two quality courses in the Humanities that are comparable to any available in the university sector and we have lecturers at the cutting edge of these disciplines, actively researching and publishing in their fields.

"The provision of these courses provides a more accessible gateway to the study of humanities in the North West as people previously had to travel long distances to find courses like these. Now, Humanities degree opportunities are available closer to home – and are delivered by a well-known and experienced lecturing team.

"There is also the financial considerations as the cost of accommodation and living in Sligo is much lower that Dublin, Cork or Galway. We have small classroom sizes but fabulous facilities and top-class lecturers. We are delighted to offer this exciting opportunity in the North West region."

Both programmes would appeal to students who have a curiosity about the world and its people.

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