Former Independent candidate joins Fine Gael

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Former Independent candidate joins Fine Gael

Yvonne Brown Hollidge

Former Independent candidate Yvonne Brown Hollidge who recently contested the local council elections for the Carrick-on-Shannon district area under the platform of ‘Leitrim First’ has now joined the Fine Gael party.

Yvonne said that this political move happened after discussing with family and friends what way she could best serve the community in the political arena.

She said being part of Fine Gael means she can deliver the many social, economic, health and environmental needs of the people of Leitrim at this time of uncertainty and help deliver a ‘Republic of Opportunity’ for all.

“With people contacting me for help and advice on personal and community issues I found within the party they share many of my policies and many of the same concerns that were expressed to me.

“Such issues include after school care, universal pension cover to eliminate pensioner poverty, set up new pathways to education, a safe and informed vaccination programme and a leading environmental and climate change action plan that does not impoverished the vulnerable within our communities.

“My promise to the electorate was by whatever means necessary their voice would be represented at the highest level,” Yvonne said.

“I look forward to serving all of you and working with the Fine Gael party in the coming years,” Yvonne concluded.