Asian and Irish fusion in the Organic Centre

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Asian and  Irish fusion in the Organic Centre

The Organic Centre, Rossinver

An exquisite Asian/Irish fusion fundraising  supper club is coming to Leitrims Organic Centre this Thursday August 22, with Sligo based innovative Japanese chef, Yuji Shimobayashi in the kitchen.

The exciting venture is part of a fundraiser for the Organic Centre. Jan Melia, new manager of the Organic Centre said, “We are delighted to welcome a new generation of organic cookery at the Organic Centre."

All dishes will be made from fresh organic vegetables sourced only 50 steps away from farm to kitchen, in the Organic Centres' gardens.

The Organic Centre has been a pioneer promoting Organic growing and sustainable living since 1995 and been in the forefront of highlighting the risks that biodiversity loss and climate change can have on aspects like food security, with recent events in Sustainable Food Production and an annual Biodiversity Day .

Ms Melia added, "People need to book early for the Supper Club. We expect this event to be very popular and have  limited availability of tickets. We are telling people to make sure they get their tickets fast to avoid disappointment."

Tickets are available through the website on or by ringing the centre on ‪071 9854338‬.

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