Memories of Brockagh National School, Glenfarne

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Memories of Brockagh National School, Glenfarne

Rev Fr John Quinn, PP St Mary's and St Michael's Churches; Mrs Mairín McCormack & Mrs Carmel Moran, former teachers at Brockagh NS and new principal at St Michael's NS, Ms Josephine Gallerly

It was the afternoon of August 24 last that we left Hartley for a special occasion. Fr John Quinn PP was having a special Mass in St Mary's Church, Glenfarne for myself Carmel Moran, Mairín McCormack and the children we taught in Brockagh NS fifty years ago. The school was built in 1885 and closed in early 1970's to be replaced by St Michael's NS, Glenfarne.

We travelled there in good time to see the old places I knew. It was as though Annie Gilgunn's house and shop where I stayed had been painted for the occasion. Many of the people from the mountain had come down to live in the glen, perhaps there is more desire in my mind against leaving the mountain than there is for coming down!

There was a lovely choir at Mass, led by an organist and it was arranged by Rev Fr Quinn and myself that I would sing solo as a tribute to all the Glenfarne people deceased and that I would sing 'Pia Jesu' as a reflection after Holy Communion.

Carmel Moran, Hartley, Carrick-on-Shannon as a young teacher in Brockagh NS

There was a very large congregation in the church. After Mass we were invited to the Rainbow Ballroom where I was specially treated and met Mairín McCormack, who was my colleague and Josephine Gallerly the new principal at St Michael's NS, Glenfarne. I remember her beautiful little face and tight curly hair when one morning she came to me and said 'my aunt Mary Margaret taught me this song and I'd like to sing it for you'.

I wish Fr John Quinn PP God's choicest blessing. It's difficult being a priest in today's world.

God bless the little children I taught in Glenfarne, protect them from harm and keep them safe and grant that Mrs McCormack may enjoy good health for many years.

Submitted by Carmel Moran