Frustration as Manorhamilton Tidy Towns volunteers left to deal with mess left by dumpers

Volunteers are cleaning up after people who fail to dispose of their household waste correctly

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

13 bags of rubbish dumped illegally on Kildare road overnight

Cllr Gurn said that 16 bags of rubbish have been collected in just a few weeks by the Tidy Towns volunteers. File photo

Cllr Felim Gurn has said it is “not good enough” that Tidy Towns volunteers are being left to clean up bags of rubbish being dumped in Manorhamilton.
Cllr Gurn told the Manorhamilton Municipal meeting: "There has been a lot of bags disposed of at Church Lane beside the Dillon Court apartment building, not in their private car park and a lot of anti-social behaviour with Gardaí being called on regular basis.
“ This behaviour is causing a lot of anxiety for residents beside the apartment block. Is it the management of the building or the owners of the apartments, that are responsible for the behaviour of the residents to make it a safe environment for neighbours of the apartment block?"
He said volunteers in the local Tidy Towns group were removing the rubbish with 16 bags collected in just a matter of weeks.
“We are talking about bags of rubbish just left lying about. Tidy Towns are coming in and clearing this away but they are volunteers and it is unfair to them. This simply isn't good enough,” he said.
Director of Services, Mary Quinn said that “people in receipt of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) are private tenants with tenancies between the landlord and tenant only and Leitrim County Council has no basis for intervention regarding these tenancies.”
She said all incidents of anti social behaviour should be reported to gardai adding any build up of rubbish should be reported to the Council’s Environment Department.
Cllr Gurn said the dumping has been reported to the community warden but he said the increase in this behaviour must be addressed.