Burst water main left Mohill properties 'at risk of flooding' claims Cllr Seádhna Logan

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Burst water main causes supply disruption in north Louth

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A substantial pipe burst in the townland of Gortfadda, Mohill over the weekend, left properties at “serious risk of flooding” according to Cllr Séadhna Logan.
"Last Saturday evening April 27 there was another substantial pipe burst in the townland of Gortfadda, leaving roadside properties at risk of serious flooding, and the road treacherous for drivers on that main Ballinamore road,” he said.
“Saturday's burst was another continuation in a cycle of bursts in that area in recent months,” pointed out the Sinn Féin councillor.
“Leitrim County Council must put serious and sustained pressure on Irish Water to upgrade all local lines where required,” he insisted.
“I do not wish to see a situation whereby the Ballinamore road is repeatedly dug up on a regular basis for temporary fixes, as was the norm with the Carrick road in recent years.”
Cllr Logan said it was clear that Irish Water needs to find a permanent solution to these constant pipeline leaks.
“The people of Mohill demand and deserve better than this,” he said adding that the expense of carrying out these works is much cheaper long term than continually repairing such leaks.