Opel master art of healthy sitting

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Opel master art of healthy sitting

The Irish 'staycation' experience has moved on from the musty one bedroom caravan of the early 80’s, but for some this ‘holistay’ revival will come at a painful cost.

With back problems one of the most common side-effects of spending long hours on the road, former Irish International Gordon D’Arcy joined broadcaster Dr. Ciara Kelly and Opel seating specialist Jonas Eisenbraun at the Opel Ireland 'Art of Sitting Breakfast Briefing' to discuss the role of healthy sitting in the management and prevention of this common condition.

With some common long-distance driving complaints including neck pain, fatigue, leg discomfort, aching shoulders,  concentration deficits and even headaches, back pain was also the most commonly reported chronic health condition documented as part of the Irish Health Survey in 2016.

Speaking more generally about The Importance of Good Back Health on the day, GP, broadcaster and columnist Dr. Ciara Kelly said, “Back pain is one of the commonest conditions that affects the adult population.

“Its symptoms can range from mild to severe but particularly low back pain is something many of us will experience.
“Prevention includes weight management, exercises that strengthen and stretch and good posture. Things like how you sit, stand and lie all have a role to play.”

Former Irish International rugby player and Form School Co. Owner Gordon D’Arcy presented the Role of Pilates in Good Back Health at the event and discussed his own experience of Opel’s award-winning AGR seating systems.

“Professional contact sport is an attritional game. You push your body to the limit week in week out, and there’s a level of lasting discomfort you have to expect on the other side. Taking that into account, the driving comfort and support, particularly on those longer journeys, was one of the aspects of the Insignia Sports Tourer that impressed me most.

“Pain at any level can really affect your lifestyle, and a lot of our clients in Form School who suffer with their back in particular, have been referred by physiotherapists who have recommended Reformer Pilates to manage their discomfort - strengthening their core, increasing flexibility and correcting any muscle weaknesses or imbalance. Perhaps surprisingly, things like sitting or indeed driving for long periods can be the root cause of their difficulties, so this issue is certainly not something that’s unique to athletes. How you sit can have just as much of an impact on those muscles as how you move, so anything that’s focused on the everyday prevention of something as debilitating as back pain, like Reformer Pilates or in this case carefully crafted seating systems, is really positive in my opinion.”

For more information on the Opel range of ergonomic back friendly seating, available on all Opel carlines, including the new Grandland X SUV check out