It's so hot in Leitrim the roads are melting!

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Laois roads melting in the heat are being gritted by council

The heatwave is causing tar to boil .

Road surface temperatures of more than 40C are causing roads surfaces to boil across Co Leitrim.

A spokesperson for Leitrim County Council has confirmed that a number of incidents have been recorded throughout the county.

"Road surfaces are melting with the extreme weather. Our crews are out gritting these roads as required," noted the spokesperson.

The Road Safety Authority have warned drivers to be careful and aware that melting tar means tyres have less grip on road surfaces.

They advise motorists to slow down when approaching junctions and increase the distance between them and the car in front in car of skids.

"Hot weather means hot roads and softer road surfaces. We are reminding road users to be careful of surfaces becoming slick and dangerous, particularly on minor roads. Please exercise caution when braking," noted the RSA on twitter.

Sun glare

The RSA is also warning of the dangers of sun glare which temporarily blind road users, making driving extremely hazardous. They advise motorists to take simple precautions to combat this, such as cleaning your windscreen and wearing polarised glasses.