Over 350 drivers in Leitrim with 6 or more points on their licence

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RSA data reports that as of June 2020, there were 2,746 drivers in Leitrim with points on their licence, and 357 of these are halfway to the automatic disqualification limit – having clocked up 6 or more points.

While a Leitrim specific gender breakdown isn’t available for 2020, the 2019 figures reveal that 346 penalty point endorsements were issued to women in the county, a figure superseded by the 654 endorsements issued to Leitrim men.

This pattern is reflected nationally as well. In the last decade, female motorists in Ireland have received half the number of penalty points than their male counterparts. And the most recent year-to-date statistics for 2020 from the RSA have not bucked this trend, with men clocking up a total of 34,431 points from January to April, and their female counterparts incurring 16,587 in the same period.

Experts at the newly launched MissQuote.ie, an online motor insurance broker whose policy holders are primarily young female drivers, say that a look at the figures from 2009 – 2019 indicates that women are the safer of the sexes when it comes to driving. The insurance experts it’s important for drivers to be aware that aside from the obvious safety aspect, penalty points can have a significant financial impact by way of increased insurance premiums.