AA urges motorists to ensure their cars are 'winter ready' following recent storms

Motoring reporter


Motoring reporter

Winter ready

Is your car winter ready?

On the heels of Storm Helene and Storm Ali, AA Ireland is urging motorists to ensure their car is winter ready and that they have a plan in place in the event of a car breakdown as weather conditions take a turn for the worst.

With further unsettled conditions likely over the coming months, the AA is urging motorists to carry out a basic car maintenance check, including a check of tyres and their battery, to ensure their car is ready for the months ahead.

“Storm Ali certainly resulted in some very difficult driving conditions across the country and we need to prepare ourselves for the likelihood that we could see similar weather events in the weeks and months ahead,” Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs stated. “After the good weather we have enjoyed over the past few months, many of us may have let car maintenance slip a little bit but keeping your car in good condition is vital to keeping our roads safe.

“For now, checking the condition of your tyres and your windscreen wipers is probably the most important aspect of car maintenance as the weather conditions we experience at this time of year, such as heavy rain and strong winds, can impact on your visibility or your car’s traction with the road. However, as we move into the winter and temperatures dip, our AA Rescue team will likely see an increase in breakdowns caused by old or faulty batteries so it’s certainly no harm to get your battery checked now ahead of time.”

The motoring organisation also urged motorists to be extra vigilant when driving during the months ahead as poor weather conditions and reduced daylight can lead to a reduction in visibility. The AA put significant emphasis on how these conditions can make cyclists or pedestrians difficult to see and urged motorists to use their lights where required and to allow extra distance when passing a vulnerable road user.

“We all have a role to play when it comes to keeping our roads safe, but given that motor vehicles have a greater potential to cause damage drivers must be extra vigilant in the weeks and months ahead. The winter months are traditionally a dangerous period on our roads so we would advise motorists to allow extra distance between themselves and other road users and only overtake when and where it is safe to do so,” Faughnan added. 

“To date over 100 people have been killed on our roads this year and as conditions worsen there is a real risk of this figure increasing further. Keeping your car in good condition and adapting your driving to the weather conditions may seem like a small thing but it can certainly play a very important role in preventing collisions on our roads.”