Irish motorists are starting to make the move to alternative fuels

Motoring reporter


Motoring reporter

Roadside callouts for electric cars on the rise

More people are looking to buy electric cars.

Irish motorists are now more open to switching to electric and hybrid cars according to the most recent Carzone Motoring Report.

The bi-annual report examines trends in the Irish motoring market and finds that 61% of motorists say their running costs have increased in the last 12 months with 29% stating they spend upwards of €250 per month on keeping their vehicle on the road. Given this rise in running costs, it’s no surprise that almost half (45%) of those questioned say cheaper running costs is the number one reason for considering changing to electric or hybrid from petrol or diesel.  The environmental benefits was the second most popular reason to make the switch (40%).

According to the report, almost 60% of those polled were not aware of Ireland’s Electric Vehicle Grant Scheme, which allows private buyers to receive a grant of up to €5,000 when purchasing a new electric vehicle.However, despite the lack of awareness for the grant scheme, almost two thirds claim they plan to purchase an electric or hybrid car in the near future with the Tesla Model S and the Lexus IS300h being the most searched electric and hybrid cars on Carzone site over the past six months.

As Ireland works on improving its carbon footprint, electric charging points are appearing in more locations throughout the country. 60% know where their nearest charging point is and 40% say it’s located less than 2kms away from their home.