N7 driver's first mistake was leaving this NCT sticker on their vehicle...

Senan Hogan


Senan Hogan

N7 driver's first mistake was leaving this sticker on their vehicle...

Gardaí seized a number of unroadworthy vehicles at a Covid-19 checkpoint on the N7 this morning.

Gardaí quipped that their suspicions were raised in one case by the ‘Failed Dangerous’ sticker on the windscreen!

The sticker is stuck on vehicles which are are too dangerous to be driven away from an NCT Centre until urgent repairs are carried out. 

The operation on the N7 was carried out by the Garda Commercial Vehicle Unit based at Dublin Castle.

Court proceedings will follow in coming weeks. 

Meanwhile Gardaí carrying out Covid-19 checkpoints encountered these two swans recently.

Gardaí joked: "They told us that they were out for a dander and a gander inside their 5km limit for exercise!"