Tracing family

Dear Madam,

Dear Madam,

My name is Kay Hall and I live in Queensland, Australia. I would like any information on James McSharry born 1845 in Kinlough and his brother Matthew Clancy, parents names Patrick McSharry and Winifred Conolly.

They came out to Australia when they were 5 to 7 years old but I don’t know who they came out with or who they lived with. I have two spellings for Conolly or Connelly.

I was recently there and saw the priest who was going to see if there were any records at the church but haven’t heard from him so there may be someone who is doing their family history and trying to trace them here.

Thank you for your time.

Kay Hall,

77 Piralko Road,

Giru, Qld. 4809,