North Leitrim Athletics Club needs new facilities

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

All six of the Manorhamilton area councillors are supporting the need for new facilities for North Leitrim Athletics Club.

Cllr Mary Bohan proposed the council “actively support the provision of proper training facilities for the North Leitrim Athletics Club.”

The council said they along with Leitrim Sports Partnership acknowledge the excellent work the club is doing and support clubs looking to improve their facilities with guidance and assistance around funding opportunities. The council outlined that the Leitrim Sports Partnership will be hosting two Sports Capital Workshops in early 2017 along with possible Leader funding.

Cllr Bohan said she was delighted to hear the club hope to expand to 600 members shortly and has a “huge voluntary effort.” She said their facilities are “very poor.”

Cllr Frank Dolan said he understood a track was only a “small proportion of what is needed.” Cllr Justin Warnock said “North Leitrim is the home of athletics” and added Olympian Breege Connolly has helped to get more young people involved.