Edentenny junction still causing concerns

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Despite works on the Edentenny junction outside of Ballinamore being completed on time by Leitrim County Council, the junction is still causing headaches.

Fenagh Cllr Caillian Ellis told council engineers at the Ballinamore Municipal meeting this week that there is a “lot of disquiet” over the junction.
His first area of concern was that people believe the Fenagh R202 has been downgraded.
The council reassured Cllr Ellis that the road has not been downgraded, it remains a regional road but it has lesser priority than the R208 Ballinamore - Carrick-on-Shannon road.

Cllr Ellis proposed public lighting for the junction as he called it “lethal” at night.
He said the Department for Transport must provide funding for lights as it is “very dangerous.” He also outlined that lorries are in trouble at the turn.

Cllr John McCartin weighed in and said articulated lorries coming from Fenagh wanting to turn for Ballinamore must first “pull out into traffic” to take the turn.
He suggested the concrete kerb be lowered so an artic lorry's wheels could mount it for turning.
Cllr Ellis said lorries should not have to mount the kerb to take the turn and he said “it was designed by people who have never driven a large vehicle.”

Leitrim County Council Engineers said the design had been tested by software which accounts for all types of large vehicles.
Cllr Ellis returned there was a difference between software and driving in reality.

The council said they will monitor the junction, but stressed it is currently serving its purpose.
They also said if a Road Safety Audit says lighting is needed it will be provided otherwise there will be no public lighting on the junction. Cllr Ellis argued the people making these decisions “live in cities” and do not understand rural areas and how “dangerous it is at night.”