Delegation meets An Post over Blacklion Post Office

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

A delegation from Killinagh Community Council representing the community of Blacklion with An Post has taken place to advocate for the retention of a Post Office in Blacklion.

The meeting organised at the request of Fianna Fáil Deputy Brendan Smith with Angus Haverty a regional manager with An Post was attended by Michael Fitzpatrick, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jim Nolan, Eileen Forde and John Paul Feeley who as well as a local councillor is Secretary of Killinagh Community Council and Brendan Smith.

The delegation set out the need to maintain the postal service in Blacklion. The Post Office, ran in recent years by Dympna Stewert has had a chequered history in recent years. However, the current Post Mistress has done a great deal to build up the business of the post office again. She will complete her contract in mid-February.

"We made it clear to An Post that we want them to offer the service in Blacklion for tender so that someone locally can be given the opportunity to take up the service and perhaps make their business more sustainable into the future," stated Cllr John Paul Feeley.

"Whilst setting out the need to maintain a post office service in a small village and the unique attributes of Blacklion as a border and peripheral location we were also honest in that we cannot force the continuation of the post office in Blacklion. As a community we cannot force someone to tender and any successful tendered has to get the support of the local community."

The decision as to the future of the service in Blacklion will be finalised in the coming weeks.