HSE neglecting children in Co Leitrim says Cllr Brendan Barry

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Brendan Barry

Cllr Brendan Barry.

Sinn Fein county counillor, Brendan Barry, has expressed his disappointment that the HSE had not responded to his motion from December 2016 meeting requesting the waiting times for assessments with the early intervention team in Leitrim for 2016.

Cllr Barry said: “This is unacceptable that children in Co Leitrim are being neglected in this way by the HSE.  I am aware of numerous cases where families are on waiting lists for a considerable period of time for access to members of the early intervention team.  In my motion at the December council meeting I sought to find out the full extent of the problem and also what the HSE are doing to reduce waiting times.

“This is severely impacting on family’s lives and we need to have the issue resolved now.  Even if the early intervention team was fully staffed to what it is allowed for it would still not be able to cope with the demand for services.

“Currently there are children on a waiting list to get a diagnosis; once they get diagnosed they are put on another waiting list to get the specialist service they require.  In other words they are on a waiting list to get onto another waiting list." 

Cllr Barry has also requested that the HSE recruit another Autism Therapist for Co Leitrim noting there are 35 families waiting to get access to services in Sligo/Leitrim.

“There are only 4 Autism Therapists providing services to over 300 children in Sligo/Leitrim. We clearly need to recruit more frontline staff," said the Ballinamore Municipal  District representative.

“Every child deserves and is entitled to a fair and equal chance to get an education. These children need these services in order to reach their full potential.”