Nearly one third of parking tickets quashed

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Nearly one third of parking tickets issued by Leitrim County Council last year were quashed according to figures released by the local authority to the Leitrim Observer this week.

The figures show that 381 tickets were issued county-wide in 2016.
Of these 192 were paid and 67 were left unpaid.
However a further 122 were quashed.

According to a Council spokesperson the overturning of these tickets occurred for a number of reasons including: 19 written off on appeal and 54 overturned because owner details were not available from Shannon's Motor Tax Office (nearly all of these were for foreign registered vehicles).

A further 49 parking tickets were cancelled due to a change in the software system by the Department of Transport in Shannon.
“ Our IT Systems were unable to get access to the new system for a period of months,” noted a spokesperson for Leitrim County Council.
“When the Council obtained access we had to cancel any tickets that were over six months old as a case could not be brought against tickets of that age.”