Six Leitrim gardai injured on duty last year

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Six gardai in the Leitrim division were injured on duty last year.
This week figures for attacks on Gardai in 2016 were released.
It was revealed that eight gardai in the Sligo/ Leitrim division were injured in the line of duty last year. Six out of the eight gardai injured occurred in Leitrim.

The Leitrim Observer has received a breakdown of the Leitrim figures. The information shows that one injury was sustained from a car ramming a patrol car that a garda was driving.
Another garda sustained a leg injury in the course of an arrest. A member of the force received an eye injury from a punch in the course of carrying out an arrest. A local garda received a knee injury while dealing with a prisoner in custody, while the sixth member received a dog bite.

There were five attacks on gardaí in Roscommon/Longford in the same time frame. An Garda Síochána says it’s very mindful of the significant occupational demands placed on its members and the exposure to injuries and very stressful traumatic situations.