Feeling blissed out at The Body Temple

The best health treatments are those that treat you holistically, rather than just looking at alleviating one symptom at a time and The Body Temple just off the Main St, Carrick-on-Shannon, certainly does that.

The best health treatments are those that treat you holistically, rather than just looking at alleviating one symptom at a time and The Body Temple just off the Main St, Carrick-on-Shannon, certainly does that.

From the moment you walk in through the door, owner Natasha Mary Burke has created an atmosphere that is both welcoming and relaxing. Natasha is a firm believer in the power of positive energy and much of her work focuses on helping people to feel empowered about their life and their health.

Natasha started the business a number of years ago offering Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Angerl Therapy and Healing Workshops and she has seen it go from strength to strength.

Recently she was joined by other therapists including Helen McLoughlin, who offers the very latest in skin treatments, diagnosis and care with the truly brilliant Thal’ion range of Thalasso products.

Luckily for me Natasha and Helen offered me a chance to experience some of the treatments on offer at a very special pamper day - and who doesn’t like to be pampered.

I really didn’t know what to expect as I had never experienced the products the treatments I was going to try but after filling out a quick questionnaire on my health, I was whisked away by Helen into a lovely room with, joy of joys, a heated treatment bed.

Talking me through the treatments, Helen gently cleansed my face before using a special light to help diagnose any problem areas. From here she was able to custom design a facial to suit my skin using the seaweed derived Thal’ion range. The products themselves were incredibly gentle, even on my very sensitive skin and I felt nothing but relaxed as Helen cleansed my face and neck area, applied a very gentle scrub and then applied a special serum oil.

Thal’ion products are renowned world wide for their special healing properties. In fact the seaweed used in the products is harvested on the shores of the Iroise Sea, a World Biosphere Reserve in Brittany!

From here I was treated to a wonderfully relaxing massage of my face before Helen moved onto massaging my shoulders, neck and scalp - pure heaven!

By the time she had finished this gorgeous treatment my skin was positively glowing three days after the treatment, my skin is still soft, plumped up and free of blemishes!

Totally blissed out I entered my second treatment room where Natasha got me to lie down on my stomach so she could work on freeing the energy travelling through my body. She said that I needed work on my sacral chakra - down at the base of my spine - something which certainly surprised me as I had been experiencing an aching pain in my lower back on and off for a few weeks now but hadn’t mentioned it to her.

Not having experienced Reiki healing before I was surprised by the actual heat coming from Natasha’s hands when she put them on my back and shoulders. It was as if there was a current of power flowing through them into my back and up through the top of my head. As she worked Natasha asked a higher power that my body be made whole and healthy and I really felt as if something was happening. The feeling is so difficult to describe. As I lay there I felt old worries, concerns and fears coming up and then, simply fading away. It was quite emotional - oh not in a teary sort of way - but rather in a releasing all those negative energies, all those worries and issues of ego that we all carry around with us.

Natasha’s philosophy is simple, we have two emotions, love and fear and she is adamant that everyone should feel loved, should show love and should, more importantly show themselves greater love and understanding. Anything else, hatred, anger, any negative emotion stems from our own ego and our own insecurities and its is these that Natasha works to help us let go.

As well as the massage and healing therapy, Natasha also uses traditional Tibetan singing bowls which produce an unusual ringing tone which has a remarkably relaxing affect.

At the end of the session I felt calm and relaxed and, for the first time in a long time, really ready to deal with whatever the day promised - without any stress!

Now, a few days later I find I have greater clarity and I am certainly more aware of myself and my relationships with others. I’m not as exhausted or stressed - even though work and home are both hectic - and the pain that I had in my lower back is no longer there. I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and that certainly is a wonderful feeling at a time when there is so much doom and gloom.

Best of all I’ve found a new enthusiasm for all those must do projects that I had put to one side and I’m starting to tackle them one by one, something I never would have even considered doing a week ago!

But really, if you want to experience what The Body Temple has to offer the best way is to go and try it for yourself. I certainly feel I’ve benefited from Natasha and Helen’s ministrations. I feel happier, more relaxed and less stressed and for that alone, I feel my Body Temple experience has been more than worth it. The Body Temple, Main Street, Carrick on Shannon, ph: (086) 2383366.