A match made in No7 - Discover your perfect foundation

Stop swabbing foundation on the back of your hand, stay clear of colour samples and forget second guessing, because Boots No7 knows your correct foundation shade.

Stop swabbing foundation on the back of your hand, stay clear of colour samples and forget second guessing, because Boots No7 knows your correct foundation shade.

The new No7 Foundations Match Made Service is truly a match made in heaven. The Boots service available here in Carrick-on-Shannon can scientifically calculate your perfect skin tone and recommend you make up shade with a small hand held device.

Leitrim Life was given a superb demonstration of this amazing new patented technology by Boots in Carrick recently. Store Manager Annmarieexplained that the devise uses a series of coloured and ultra violet lights to assess the tone, colour and lightness of facial skin in just seconds. The skin assessment is take from along the face jawline, the device takes a photo of your skin and within seconds a perfect or close match is made. The device also tells you the variety of foundation your colour is available in. The No7 advisor will talk through what kind of foundation you are looking for from BB cream, to Instant Radiance, matte mouse, compact, matte liquids, anti aging and 16 hour Stay perfect foundation.

The next part is magical.

The device told me my colour is Calico (uber pale) and I picked Instant Radiance for the trial. Annmarie put the foundation on me and then handed me a mirror. It didn’t quite look like make up, it looked like my skin - only so much better! The best part of the transformation is there is no need to blend your face with your neck - because they are the same colour. No more moon face!

The Radiance foundation is perfectly suited to tired skin as it gives you a healthy glow and medium coverage. Annmarie said their most popular finish is the Stay Perfect liquid which stays re-touch free for 16 hours and the Anti-Ageing foundation called Lift & Luminate. There are nine finishes in total and 17 shades, so every skin type, problem and need is catered for and every foundation has SPF 15.

The Lasting effect.

Aside from the compliments and the light weight feel, the No7 foundations have great will power. Some of the foundations are longer lasting than others and may suit different parts of your life - such as day wear or occasion wear etc, just let the consultant know your needs. Also aside from the fact the assessment is free and the foundations and very competitively priced, once you get your colour match - you can try the whole range!

We have all been victims to various brand makeup advisors selling us a shade that is either too yellow, too pink, too light or too dark for our skin. Some of them get thrown away once viewed in natural light, some we wear despite the strange looks and others need a lot of bronzer and blusher, highlighters and low lighters to make them viable.

The number one tip I learned from my assessment is “the role of foundation is to even out your skin tone - not to change the colour of your skin.” Of course you can add more colour and make it darker etc as your needs change - but the most important thing is start with your own natural colour - because believe it or not, that is the colour that suits you best.

Get match made and watch the compliments floating in!

While you are in Boots have a look at the complete new look of the No7 brand, which is easy on the eye and has so many new creations along with old favourites.

New colours for eyes, lips and nails are available in sleek and stylish packaging offering increased product functionality and really attractive pricing.