Eye up the Spring / Summer 2014 trends

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It is all about the eyes this Spring and Summer, so grow out those eyebrows and get the disco eyeshadow on!

It is all about the eyes this Spring and Summer, so grow out those eyebrows and get the disco eyeshadow on!

Although we are still clinging to our Winter Coats and the thoughts of letting our toes peep out gives us the shivers, with April just around the corner it is about time we shed light on our faces and start getting to grips with the new 2014 Summer trends.

If you are to take away anything from this article it should be that the main focus for Summer is your eyes that includes eyebrows, eye shadow and eye liner.

Forget about new foundation - its all about the eyes. The elaborate eyebrow is a key feature for Spring Summer 2014 and the trend will no doubt last much longer. Pencil thin eyebrows are a thing of the past.

Make up was minimal and pared back to almost nothing making eyebrows the big focus – strong and elaborate.

Some of the more extravagant seen were the golden eyebrows at the Dior Show and the bleached eyebrows seen at Miu Miu and Prada.

But the name of the game is bold and beautiful. So put the tweezers down, and let your eyebrows go free (please do tame them into some sort of caterpillar shape!)

False eyelashes are back on the catwalks, but now you need to double it - as the new trend to wear falsies top and bottom of your eyelids. Yes your eyes will weigh a tonne but you will look wide eyed.

Speaking of wide eyes - winged eyeliner is also a MUST. You cannot leave the house without extending your eyes and having a cat tail flick at the end. Think Fierce!

If the double false eyelashes and thick black winged eyeliner is not for you, well you may be happy to hear the alternative is white eyeliner. Yes white on top and bottom.

And for those who want to jazz up their eyes even more, the shadow colours to be seen in are blue, (aquatic) purple and gold - hence the nod back to the disco era of bright blue glitter eyeshadow.

Other than that, kick away the curls and bounce in your hair, you won’t be needing those. Straight and sleek tied back hair is the style you want and try to keep make up foundation to a minimum. The “raw” look will really suit those who don’t bother to wear make up at all, while those who lash it on may be left out in the still cold Spring air.

If all this seems unmanageable, have heart, and go all out on your talons. Nail art has stayed in fashion, the crazier the better. Oh and orange lipstick is the colour of pouts for this year’s Summer. Enjoy!