Council to carry out maintenance and minor drainage works at Corraleehan, Co Leitrim

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Road works continue around Leitrim

Leitrim County Council has agreed to carry out minor drainage works and maintenance works to the L13441 at Corraleehan, Co Leitrim.

In a detailed response to a query by Cllr Caillian Ellis, South Leitrim District Engineer, Darragh O'Boyle, said that the Council was unable to carry out major road improvement works at this location as there is no available specific grant on this section of public road.

"We are, however, able to dispatch our maintenance crew to repair any potholes which may occur," he told  Cllr Ellis.

"In time a Road Improvement Grant would benefit this local road and the elected members, along with Leitrim County Council technical staff, should put this road forward for inclusion in the next Road Works Programme."

In order to alleviate local flooding issues the Council also plans to carry out minor drainage works on some of the acute corners of this public road.