CSO figures for March 2018

Sales of diesel vehicle are still high but petrol vehicle sales are increasing

Motoring reporter


Motoring reporter

Diesel cars still make up the majority of new and imported car sales with 9,206 new diesel vehicles sold in March 2018.

According to figures released by the Central Statistics office this week, the number of imported diesel vehicles was also high with 6,387 diesel vehicles imported in March 2018. This was down slightly on figures for March 2017 when 6,608 imported diesel vehicles were sold in Ireland.

By comparison 6,030 new petrol vehicles were sold last month. However petrol models are making a comeback as this marked a jump in sales of over 1,000 vehicles for the same period last year. Imported petrol vehicles are down in comparison to last year with 1,296 imported vehicles bought in March 2018 compared to 1,490 in March 2017.

The number of hybrid vehicles being sold is increasing with 778 new hybrids sold last month. This is up from the same period last year were just 520 new hybrids were sold.

The sale of electric vehicles is also slowly increasing with figures showing 74 electric vehicles were sold in march 2018, up nearly 50% on sales for the same month last year.