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Tuesday May 22

U14: Group A: Shield semi finals: Strand Celtic v Benbulben; Calry Bohs v Carrick Town; Division 1 Shield final: Kilglass/Inishcrone v Valley Rovers (all 7.00)

U12: Division 1 Shield Final: Carrick Town v Ballymote Celtic 7.00

Girls U12: Cup semi finals: Strand Green v Real Tubber 7.00; Arrow Harps v Manor Rangers 7.00; Shield semi finals: Yeats United v Gurteen Celtic 7.00; Ballymote Celtic v Ballisodare United (all 7.00)

Wednesday May 23

U13: Group A: Arrow Harps v Merville United; Real Tubber v Carrick Town; Division 1: Cup Final: Gurteen Celtic v Manor Rangers (all 7.00)

Thursday May 24

U13: Division 1 Shield Final: Boyle Celtic v Merville United 7.00

Girls U12: Cup final: Strand green/Real Tubber v Arrow /Manor 7.00

Friday May 25

U13: Group A: Ballisodare United v Real Tubber 7.00

U12: Group A Cup Final: Arrow Harps v Strand Celtic 7.00

Saturday May 26

U16: Division 1: Shield Final: Yeats United v St John’s 5.00

U13: Group A: Carrick Town v Ballisodare United 11.00

U12: Group A: Shield Final: Ballymote Celtic v Merville United 4.00

Sunday May  27

Frank Kennedy Memorial Cup Final: Merville Utd v Chaffpool Utd in The Showgrounds 11.00

T.P. Brennan Connacht Cup Final: Carbury v Mervue Utd in The Showgrounds 3.00

Monday May 28

U13: Group A: Real Tubber v Arrow Harps 7.00

Girls U12: Shield Semi-final: Yeats /Gurteen v Ballymote/ballisodare 7.00

Tuesday May 29

U14: Group A: Shield final: Strand /Benbulben v Calry /Carrick 7.00

Wednesday May 30

U14: Group A: Cup Final: Ballymote Celtic v Merville United 7.00

Thursday May 31

U13: Group A: Real Tubber v Merville United 7.00

Friday June 1

Girls U12: Shield: Calry Bohs v TBC 7.00


Andrew Mullen Premier League: Real Tubber 1-4 Glenview Stars; Merville Utd 3-0 Benbulben

Cleary Landscapes & Pitch Maintenance Div. 1: Chaffpool Utd 7-0 Dromore Villa; Gurteen Celtic 0-3 Coolaney Utd; Playoff: Arrow Harps 1-2 Glenview Stars

Glasshouse Hotel Cup Final: Carbury 3-1 Strand Celtic

U12: Group A: Cup semi finals: Gurteen Celtic 0-2 Strand Celtic; Arrow Harps 1-0 Boyle Celtic; Shield: Carrick Town 1-3 Merville United; Benbulben 3-2 Manor Rangers; Shield Semi-Final:Benbulben 0-3 Ballymote Celtic; Merville United 2-1 Real Tubber; Division 1: Shield semi final: Ballisodare United 0-3 Ballymote Celtic

U13: Group A: Ballisodare United 5-1 Strand Celtic;  Ballisodare United 3-4 Arrow Harps; Arrow Harps 3-0 Real Tubber; U13: Division 1: Shield: Merville United 4-1 Ballygawley Celtic; Semi final: Boyle Celtic 7-2 St John’s; Merville United 2-0 Dromore Villa

U14: Division 1: Cup semi finals: Boyle Celtic 1-2 Real Tubber; Ballisodare United 3-0 Gurteen Celtic; Final: Real Tubber 0-1 Ballisodare United; Shield: semi finals: Kilglass/Inishcrone 6-2 St John’s; Arrow Harps 1-2 Valley Rovers; Group A: Carrick Town 2-2 Manor Rangers; Merville United 4-2 Strand Celtic; Cup semi final: Merville United 3-2 Manor Rangers

U16: Division 1: Cup: Kilglass/Inishcrone 3-2 Merville United; Shield semi finals: Yeats United 3-1 Ballygawley Celtic; St John’s 5-0 Real Tubber

Girls U12: Shield: Yeats United 5-1 Merville United; Ballymote Celtic 2-0 Boyle Celtic; Ballisodare United 3-1 Benbulben; Gurteen Celtic 5-2 Strand White

Girls U14: Shield semi final: Strand Green 0-1 Calry Bohs; Arrow Harps 3-1 Boyle Celtic; Final: Arrow Harps 0-1 Calry Bohs

Girls U16: Shield Final: Benbulben 3-1 Calry Bohs