History makers as Tug of War team sweep the boards

Tug of War

History makers as Tug of War team sweep the boards

It has been a very successful year for the Gortletteragh and Ballygar Tug of War Club as they became the first team to win gold in every weight class at the All-Ireland Championships.

Operating from two training bases in Gortletteragh and Ballygar in Galway, the Gortletteragh Ballygar Tug of War team is made up of pullers from Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, Ballygar and Wexford.

The team started the year in Easter with a training camp in Switzerland where they trained with one of the top Swiss teams which was soon followed by the team taking part in an international competition in the Netherlands last May.

Gortletteragh Ballygar entered in the 680 kg and 640 kg and did an amazing job as they won a silver medal in the 680kg and a bronze in the 640 kg.

From there, Gortletteragh Ballygar progressed to the a demanding schedule of All-Ireland Championships over six weekends where they took part in seven different weight classes.

Incredibly, the team won gold in every weight class and are the first team in the history of Irish tug of war to achieve this feat.

The team are currently training hard in the build up for the world championships. Meeting up for squad sessions four times a week and on their days off they are in the gym doing cardio, weights and weight loss sessions.

It has been a big commitment this year from all the team in preparation for this competition and in two weeks, we will head off to compete at the world tug of war championships in Malmö Sweden.

Gortletteragh Ballygar will be entering the 700 kg and 640kg open classes in Sweden while the composite team will also be representing Ireland in the 640kg closed Championships with the ultimate aim to qualify for the world games in 2017.