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Eanna gets nod for Euro Team

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Leitrim Sport

Eanna gets nod for Euro Team

The Carrick AC team of Darragh Gardiner, Dara Holmes, Frank Cullen, Alan Beirne and Brian Keaney who finished third in the Connacht U21 relay last Saturday in Sligo.

Carrick AC's Eanna Madden will don the Irish vest again later this month after he was selected for the European Team Championship competition in Finland.

Eanna, who ran his second best time ever for 100m last Saturday in Germany with a 10.65 seconds clocking, will run over 100m and is also on the 4 x 100m squad that competes in Vaasa Finland on the weekend of June 22-24.

Eanna's clubmate Gerard O'Donnell opened his season with a second place finish over 110m hurdles at the Northern Ireland championships with a time of 14.93 seconds.

Leitrim's young athletes had some good performances last Saturday in Sligo with Connacht medals for North Leitrim’s Karen Mulvaney Kelly & Lucy Boyle in the U10 Turbo Javelin and Carrick AC’s Faith Lynott (U12 Shot), Darragh Gardiner (U12 Shot), Gerard Murtagh (U13 Long Jump) and the Carrick U12 boys relay team.

Full results of Leitrim competitors as follows:


U9: 60m: Eppie McAllister & Ellie Murphy Ballinamore 10.81 & 11.78 (22.59) 7th; Maebh Connolly & Sarah Mulvaney Kelly North Leitrim 11.77 & 11.32 (23.09) 11th; 300m: Sarah Mulvaney Kelly & Maebh Connolly 63.71 & 63.17 (2.066.88) 4th

U10: 60m: Anna Keane & Amy Murtagh Carrick 10.65 & 10.62 (21.27) 7th; Phoebe Lynott & Aoife McDwyer Carrick 11.4 & 11.26 (22.66) 13th; Mia Connolly & Lucy Boyle North Leitrim 10.75 & 12.6 (23.35) 14th; 500m: Mia Connolly & Karen Mulvaney Kelly North Leitrim 1.51.7 & 2.05.6 (3.57.25) 7th; Long Jump: Amy Murtagh 2.78m & Anna Keane 2.98m (5.76m) 8th; Grace McCawley 2.58m & Celia Morahan 2.13m (4.71m) 11th; Sarah Gray 2.23m & Sorcha Reilly 2.31m (Mohill) (4.54m) 12th; Turbo Javelin: Karen Mulvaney Kelly 9.07m & Lucy Boyle 10.21m (19.28m) 3rd

U11: 60m: Lucy Murphy & Aisling Maguire Ballinamore 9.99 & 10.33 (20.32) 5th; Sinead Martin & Thianna Regan Ballinamore 10.57 & 10.49 (21.06) 9th; Caireann O’Grady & Laura Faughnan Carrick AC 10.99 & 11.23 (22.22) 15th; Long Jump: Lucy Murphy 2.74m & Aisling Maguire 2.62m (5.36m) 10th; Caireann O’Grady 2.32m & Laura Faughnan 2.69m (5.01m) 13th; Thianna Regan 2.37m & Romy McAllister 2.35m (4.72m); Turbo Javelin: Sinead Martin 9.32m & Romy McAllister 9.09m (18.41m); Aoife Ryan 8.11m & Mollie Smith 6.67m Drumshanbo; Orla McWeeney 6.91m & Ursula Reilly 6.28m Mohill (13.19m)

U12: Shot: Faith Lynott Carrick 5.80m 2nd; Long Jump: Faith Lynott 2.88m; Leah McCawley Carrick 2.24; Ellie Butler Carrick 2.22m; Turbo: Mairead Lowe Carrick 10.86m 5th

U13: 600m: Saoirse McGlynn Carrick 2.09.61 16th; Aoife Maguire North Leitrim 2.14.71 19th; Long Jump: Micaela Dunne Carrick 2.98m; Roisin Kelleher Carrick 2.88m; Javelin: Maebh McGagh North Leitrim 13.75m 6th; Shauna Fallon North Leitrim 13.06m 7th; Aoife Maguire 12.22m 9th; Shot: Sarah O’Beirne Mohill 6.69m 5th; Sarah Foley North Leitrim 6.01m 9th


U9: 60m: Sean Keaney & Michael O’Grady Carrick 10.65 & 10.82 (21.47) 6th; Long Jump: Sean Keaney 2.19 & Michael O’Grady 2.52 (4.71) 11th

U10: 60m: Mark Nolan & Daire McCabe Drumshanbo 10.61 & 10.17 (20.78) 6th; Nathan Casey & Sean Gaffney Carrick 10.5 & 10.87 (21.37) 15th; 500m: Daire McCabe & Mark Nolan 1.52.7 7 1.51.6 (3.44.31) 6th; Jack Moolick & Daniel McManus Drumshanbo 1.50.0 & 2.09.4 (3.59.35) 11th; Long Jump: Rian Walpole 2.48m & John Macklin 2.65m Mohill (5.13m) 12th; Senan McGowan 2.40m & Rionn Gallagher 2.46m Drumshanbo (4.86m) 13th; Nathan Casey 2.64m & Sean Gaffney 2.20m (4.84m) 14th; Turbo Javelin: Rionn Gallagher 10.68m & Daniel McManus 13.74m Drumshanbo (24.42m) 6th; Jack Moolick 13.43m & Daniel McManus 8.95m (22.38m) 7th

U11: 60m: Eoin O’Reilly & Alan O’Beirne Mohill 9.93 & 10.99 (20.92) 9th; Luke Fitzmaurice & James Hughes North Leitrim 10.31 & 10.77 (21.08) 11th; Ben O’Connor & Oisin Mollohan Carrick 10.03 & 10.73 (21.76) 15th; 600m: Luke Fitzmaurice & James Hughes 2.07.2 & 2.13.6 (4.20.81) 7th, Alan O’Beirne & Eoin O’Reilly 2.42.9 & 2.27.9 (5.10.62) 12th; Long Jump: Oisin Mollohan 2.48m & Ben O’Connor 2.42m (4.90m) 11th; Turbo Javelin: Darragh McCormack 13.29m & Sean Nolan 9.32m Drumshanbo 22.61m; Callum O’Rourke 9.32m & James Winters 10.93m Drumshanbo (20.25m); Tom Moolick 7.65m & Josh McWeeney 10.48m Drumshanbo (18.13m)

U12: 600m: Darragh Lee Drumshanbo 1.59.04 6th; Dara Holmes Carrick AC 2.06.50 14th; Matthew Lee Ballinamore 2.07.88 17th; Long Jump: Frank Cullen Carrick AC 3.24m; Alan Beirne Carrick AC 2.90m; Aaron Gardiner Carrick AC 2.62m; Francie Crumlish North Leitrim 2.37m; Turbo Javelin: Dara Holmes 22.46m 4th; Brian Keaney 17.41m 7th; Francie Crumlish 15.33m 8th; Shot: Darragh Gardiner Carrick AC 6.17m 3rd; Francie Crumlish 5.25m 7th

U13: 80m: Gerard Murtagh Carrick AC 5th 11.65; 60m Hurdles: Sean Kerins North Leitrim 5th 11.94; Danny Kerins North Leitrim 12.75 8th; Long Jump: Gerard Murtagh 4.17m 3rd; Finn Verachtert North Leitrim 3.76m 7th; Danny Kerins 3.48m, Sam Kerins 3.46m, Dhani Keane Carrick 3.18m, Sean Giblin North Leitrim 3.02m; Ryan O’Dowd Carrick 2.50m; Javelin: Finn Verachtert 21.75m 4th; Edward Mitchell North Leitrim 15.56m 7th; Sam Kerins 13.55m 9th