Irish Ladies team visit Lough Rowan

Iarlaith Gallagher


Iarlaith Gallagher

Irish Ladies team visit Lough Rowan

The Irish Ladies fly fishing team pictured on their visit to Leitrim and Lough Rowan

I suppose I wouldn’t be the only one who is beginning to feel that another summer has gone by without any evidence of a summer having happened at all.

Every year it happens, when everyone tells you that summer is here and by the time you subtract the rain and add the days with 20°C plus, the result is very little summer.

As an angler I am used to changing conditions, but the myth of summer is probably the most changeable and challenging of all.

Irish Ladies Fly Fishing Team

Lough Rowan, the popular trout fishery managed by Rinn Shannon & District Angling Club were recently chosen by The Irish ladies Flyfishing Association team as a practice for upcoming international flyfishing competitions.

The Irish Ladies Flyfishing Association was founded in 1990 by Anne Geary of Pontoon Bridge Hotel Foxford Co. Mayo.

Anne took this brave step to support ladies who wished to fly fish and represent their country. Her daughter Mary Geary who captained the team for the first four years ably supported her in this.

The aim of the Association is to encourage lady anglers to participate in fishing events, to join the various ladies clubs and in general promote ladies angling. The Association organise fishing and social events throughout the year all over the country.

Each year the Association helps to fund a team to compete in the Ladies International, against teams from England, Scotland and Wales. A series of four trials are used to select the team to represent Ireland at the Ladies International Flyfishing Championship.

The club would like to thank all the members who actively participated in hosting the ladies. All their hard work will guarantee a return visit. The expert local knowledge provided by the guides on the day made it an event to be remembered by all the visitors.

As a reminder I would like to stress that this year, the Lough Rowan venue shall remain open throughout the winter for both trout and pike anglers.

National Fisheries legislation and club rules apply. In my own opinion I feel that Lough Rowan shall play a part in the annual “Specimen” awards in the not too distant future.

The lake is unique in the fact that the club believe in coexistence. i.e. let nature deal with the sustainability of the natural predator/prey situation.

By this novel approach the club has seen over the last 10 years an increase in heaviest pike caught year on year. The aim is to please as many club members as is possible, so I feel they are going a very long way to help create an innovative fishing venue despite economic constrictions.

Until next time .... tight lines.