02 Jul 2022

Scott impresses at Connacht Finals

North Leitrim AC's Scott Williams claims two silvers in Sligo while Anna Trench Winston (Carrick) qualifies in Long Jump as Senior & Junior athletes win medals in Athlone event

Leitrim athletes ranging from seven to over 50 produced some excellent performances last weekend at the Connacht Track & Field Finals in Sligo and Athlone.

Scott Williams claimed two silver medals in the U13 hurdles and shot while Anna Trench Winston won silver in the U13 Long Jump to qualify for the Nationals while Leitrim's prowess in the walks were reflected in victories in the U12 Boys and U13 boys & girls development walks in Sligo.

In Athlone on Sunday, there were multiple medal winning performances from North Leitrim's Lara Mulvaney Kelly, Sarah & Susanne O'Beirne but one of the most impressive displays was a 10.58.44 clocking for Carrick AC's Michelle Lannon over 3,000m.

 The U14 to U19 athletes will be in action next Saturday in Sligo. The following are the results to hand:

U9 Boys: 60m: Conor Gill & Mark Prior (B) 11.84 & 10.79 10th; Tom Dillon & Bobby O’Sullivan (B) 13.29 & 12.54 15th; 300m: Sean O’Brien & Conor Gill (B) 1.12.80 & 1.16.83 11th; Long Jump: Tom Dillon & Bobby O’Sullivan 1.93m & 1.86m 12th, Turbo Javelin: Sean O'Brien & Mark Prior (B) 8.41m & 10.66m 3rd 

U10 Girls: 60m: Sophie Doyle & Eva Faughnan (C) 10.95 & 11.29 10th; Long Jump: Sophie Doyle & Eva Faughnan 2.31m & 2.87m 10th; Sadhbh O’Hart & Grace Clifford (C) 2.54m & 2.65m 11th; Relay: Carrick 7th

U10 Boys: 60m: Oscar Senturk & Ben Smith (C) 10.35 & 10.12 6th; Hector Hughes & Aaron Sullivan  (C) 1.51 & 10.73 14th; Long Jump: Oscar Senturk & Ben Smyth 3.05m & 2.71m 8th; Hector Hughes & Aaron Sullivan 2.27m & 2.97m 12th; Relay: Carrick 7th

U11 Girls: 60m: Ornaith Guckian & Eleanor Reilly (C) 10.47 & 10.38 11th; Farrah O’Dowd & Aoibhinn Cox (C) 10.87 & 10.61 13th; Annie O’Brien & Sofia Sullivan (B) 12.33 & 11.07 17th; 600m: Ornaith Guckian & Eleanor Reilly   2.08.95 & 2.09.82 4th; Maria Prior & Siofra Sullivan (B) 2.17.68 & 2.25.7 13th; Aoibhinn Cox & Elise Cody (C) 2.24.66 & 2.39.99 16th; Long Jump: Annie O’Brien & Maria Prior (B) 2.22m & 2.30m 13th; Farrah O’Dowd & Elise Cody (C) 2.30m & 2.01m 15th; Relay: Carrick 10th

U11 Boys: 60m: Tommy Keane & Sean Leaver (C) 9.88 & 9.95 6th; 600m: Padraic Guckian & Adam Gill (B) 2.06.90 & 2.05.66 6th; Rory McNulty & James Dillon (B) 2.10.77 & 2.22.49 12th; Sean Leaver & Brendan Carey (C) 2.24.67 & 2.31.55 14th; Turbo Javelin: Adam Gill & Rory McNulty (B) 9.68m & 12.48m 10th; Long Jump: Mark Conefrey & Padraic Guckian (B) 3.15m & 2.95m 9th; Tom Wynne & Tommy Keane (C) 2.63m & 2.95m 11th; Relay: Carrick 10th

U12 Girls:  60m: Nicole Atumonyogo (C) 9.46 8th; Ciara Hanly (C) 9.91; Erin McGuinness (C) 10.38; Faye Watters (NL) 10.66; 600m: Alannah Rose Maher (C) 2.11.01; Walk: Faye Watters 6th 6.11.21; Relay: Carrick 13th

U12 Boys:  60m: Tom Trench Winston (C) 9.48 16th; Tadhg Faughnan (C) 9.91; Senan Glesson (B) 10.31; 600m: Tadhg Faughnan 1.57.46 10th; David Townsend (B) 2.07.05; Long Jump: Tom Trench Winston 11th 3.61m; Adam Meghan (C) 2.83m 24th; Senan Glesson 2.31m 28th; Turbo Javelin: Guy Conway (B) 13.23m 11th; Shot: Senan Glesson 5.64m 8th; Guy Conway 5.17m 10th; Walk: David Townsend 6.42.24 1st; Guy Conway 2nd 7.14.27; Relay: Carrick 7th

U13 Girls: 80m: Anna Trench Winston (C) 11.70 8th; Poppy Doherty (C) 12.09; Eabha Hennessy (C) 13.71; 600m: Eabha Hennessy 2.11.36 15th; 60m Hurdles: Sadhbh O’Dowd 13.20; Long Jump: Anna Trench Winston 4.19m 2nd; Poppy Doherty 3.90m 5th; Eabha Hennessy 2.85m 27th; Shot: Grace Fergus (NL) 6.34m 5th; Cealagh McGloin (NL) 4.58m 10th; Javelin: Grace Fergus 12.25m 8th; Alannah McKiernan (C) 9.40m 10th; Walk: Grace Fergus 5.15.76 1st; Cealagh McGloin 5.17.49 3rd, Relay: Carrick 7th

U13 Boys: 600m: Scott Williams (NL) 1.49.27 7th; Ian Harkin (NL) 2.06.11; 60m Hurdles: Scott Williams 2nd 10.90; Shot: Scott Williams 9.51m 2nd; Lee McNamara (NL) 5.88m 8th; Javelin: Lee McNamara 17.29m 7th; Ian Harkin 9.65m 15th; Walk: Ian Harkin 5.35.92 1st; Lee McNamara 6.29.69 3rd

Junior Women: Walk: Rachel Keaney (NL) 1st 19.56.71; Javelin: Sarah O’Beirne (NL) 1st 22.18m; Discus: S. O’Beirne 2nd 21.30; Shot: S. O’Beirne 3rd 7.09m

Senior Women: 100m: Alannah McGuinness (C) 2nd 12.86; 200m: A. McGuinness 3rd 27.19, Shot: Lara Mulvaney Kelly (NL) 1st 7.91m; Discus: L. Mulvaney Kelly 1st 23.97m; Javelin: L. Mulvaney Kelly 1st 19.28m

Masters Women: 800m: Ann Wynne (C) 2nd F50 2.52.53; 3000m: Michelle Lannon (C) 3rd F35 10.58.44; Walk: Susanne O’Beirne (NL) 1st F35 17.32.84, Shot: S. O’Beirne 1st 6.12m; Discus: S. O’Beirne 5th 18.03m, WFD: S. O’Beirne 1st 4.13m

Senior Men: 400m: Cathal McElgunn (C) 1st 52.68; Shot: Nathan Cassidy (NL) 2nd 6.96m, Javelin: N. Cassidy 2nd 20.59m, Discus: N. Cassidy 3rd 19.40m, WFD: N. Cassidy 2nd 3.25m, Triple Jump: N. Cassidy 3rd 8.16m