Sorry but Leitrim won't be seeing a heatwave this weekend

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Donegal weather for Monday, December 12th

There's plenty of talk about a so-called 'mini heatwave' over the next few days but the reality is we won't be enjoying phenomenal weather here in Leitrim.

It will be dry today (Friday, April 20)  with good spells of sunshine but temperatures will only reach about 14-15 degrees. It will remain dry tonight with clear spells but a few mist and fog patches will form and it will drop to a low of 4 overnight.

Saturday, April 21, start dry and sunny but cloud will increase bringing rain to many parts of Leitrim later in the day. Temperatures will be higher with around 16-17 degrees expected but breezy conditions will make it seem colder.

Into next week

Sunday, April 22 will be cool and fresh, with a mix of bright or sunny spells and scattered showers. Max temperatures of around 11 to 14 degrees falling to around 6 overnight.

The rain will return on Monday, April 23 but it will be scattered and showers will be short in duration. There will be some dry spells and temperatures will reach between 11 and 13 degrees. It will be mild overnight but cloudy.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Temperatures will remain cool and the weather will be unsettled with scattered showers and sunny spells. Highs of just 12 to 14 degrees but breezy conditions will make it seem colder. It will be mild on Tuesday night, but temperatures will drop significantly on Wednesday night with minimum temperatures of 1 to 2 degrees expected.