The Friday weather forecast for Leitrim and surrounding areas

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Expect a cloudy day  in Leitrim

Cloudy with rain becoming heavier this evening.

You may as well forget any dreams of an Indian Summer this September, according to Met Éireann the weather will continue to be unsettled in the weeks ahead. What's to blame? Apparently the Atlantic flow is once again dominating our weather patterns causing more rain and colder conditions.

That said, it will be generally dry today with some sunny spells (brightest to begin), but overall cloudy with the odd spot of drizzle. Rain will become persistent along the Atlantic coast by evening. Highest temperatures 15 or 16 degrees Celsius, in light westerly breezes.


Rain will become fairly widespread with some persistent falls, heaviest for for the West and North West initially, but it will spread south as well. Lowest temperatures 9 to 13 degrees Celsius.