You will not be seeing 16C temperatures in Leitrim this weekend - sorry!

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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The much talked about warm weather this weekend has been greatly exaggerated...

If you have been beguiled by reports of warm weather set to hit Ireland this weekend and blindsided by exaggerated claims that we'll be hotter than Spain - hardly an achievement when we're all in the throes of Winter - then we're sorry to burst your bubble but, it won't be hot.

The latest forecasts say there will be showers on Saturday morning, February 23. These will clear by the afternoon but it will remain largely cloudy with a top temperature of 13C.

Overnight temperatures will remain mild dropping to 11C, but Sunday will be cloudy with top temperatures of 10-11C. Overnight it will drop to 9C.

The best of the weather for next week will be on Monday where temperatures will reach 16C, but it will be cloudy and will feel slightly colder. In the evening we'll see temperatures fall back to 9C and the rest of the week will see more showers and maximum daily temperatures of between 10C and 12C. Overnight temperatures will vary between 7C and 9C. 

So far from the promised heatwave...sorry!