ON 'n OFF THE WALL at Solas Art Gallery


ON 'n OFF THE WALL at Solas Art Gallery

ON ‘n OFF THE WALL Group show at Solas Gallery opens this Friday, June 3 at 7.30pm by artist Kate Wilson.

Originally to be curated by Sandra Vernon RIP, this showcase of sculptural elements will be held in her honour.

The Solas Gallery is delighted to accept work in three dimensions from Thomas Callery, Stephen Costello, Francis Crowe, Lorraine Currid, Brendan Dean, Harald deBary, Eimer Lynch, Moya Gallagher Greene, Billy Moore, Alan McGrath, Niamh O Connor, Celia Richard, Caroline Rock, Sharon Dollar, Douglas Ross and Marie Smith.

Some work will be wall hung, some stand alone, on plinths or suspended from the air!

Doug Ross’ “The Perils of Parenting” shows a child being thrown from mother to father on a trapeze; something this father of three children would know about.

Francis Crowe’s two works “The Body” and “The Blood” while appearing to have a religious theme are concerned with the flow of water and blood and the waste of human life due to war.

Niamh O Connor in a sense juxtaposes the frailty of childhood with the salient need for moral justification imposed on workhouse deportees by religious institutions in “Souls Or Holes For Dirty Fingers”.

Harald deBary, however, has eschewed definition of his piece titled “The Good Judge” by saying “a piece of art should speak for itself.

Therefore it does not need an artist’s statement.” You can be the judge of that yourself!

Kate Wilson is a visual artist, theatre maker and designer.

With her playful imagination; love for making, Kate has the most idealistic personality to open this exhibition, as requested by the late Sandra Vernon.

Gallery opening times are Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Solas Art Gallery is above the Four Seasons Garden Centre Ballinamore.

For more information call: (071) 9644210, email info@solasart.ie or visit www.solasart.ie The show continues until June 25.