Dromahair artist Daniel Chester's 'In pursuit of stillness' exhibition to open in Sligo

Philip Rooney


Philip Rooney

'After the deluge' is one of the pieces that will feature in Daniel Chester's exhibition, opening next Friday in Hyde Bridge Gallery Sligo

An award winning exhibition by Dromahair artist Daniel Chester will open on Friday next, January 20 in Hyde Bridge Gallery Sligo.

The exhibition titled, 'In pursuit of stillness', will consist of a number of painting of rural landscapes inspired by the local environment of north Leitrim. The exhibition will be opened by another local and well known international artist Cormac O Leary. The show opens at 6pm and is open to the public.

In July 2016, Daniel was awarded a solo show as part of the Cairde Visual Awards 2016, his piece “Mayo Marshlands” was given first prize in the Cairde Show by the festival committee and as part of the award he was offered a 4 week show in the Hyde Bridge Gallery Sligo.

Speaking about the inspirations behind 'In Pursuit of stillness' Daniel said, "In an age of continuous personal bombardment of technology such as smart phones, tablets, twitter, Facebook, TV etc., finding stillness and solitude in our world can be at a premium. The current body of work is a visual enquiry into finding stillness in landscape and in particular my own personal understanding of this pursuit. As a visual artist living in County Leitrim, I am influenced by the rugged nature of the rural landscape and in particular these harsh but beautiful environments within the west of Ireland.

"As part of this area of interest I am also fascinated in the reality of the “Commons in Society” and the connection between the moral responsibilities of the community towards the landscape. The ownership of parks, greens, lanes, walkways and rural areas that is open to the public. My current area of research also extends to an enquiry into traditional painting of the landscape, in particular the idea and notion of romantics within the rural landscape. Areas of continued interest include artist such as Casper Fredrick, William Blake and German romanticism painting, In particular my work is influenced by paintings “Monasty Graveyard In Snow (1819) and The Abbey in The Oakwood (1810) by Fredrich, other influences include Dutch painting in particular the work of Pieter Brugel. The recurring theme within my work focuses on notions of disillusion with materialism, return to the natural world, death, destruction and resurrection."

Explaining his unique style of landscape art on aluminium Daniel revealed, "The choice of aluminium as a medium in which to paint on is a deliberate one. Although this material is not one of traditional use I find its coldness and dampness a direct connection to the landscapes and subjects I choose to paint.

"The aluminium also enables me as an artist to show the process of painting i.e. brushstrokes, additional liquids each work is very much unique as the experimental development can vary with each painting.