iRadio take The Lift show to Glenade, Co Leitrim

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

iRadio take The Lift show to  Glenade, Co Leitrim

Dave Duke and Fionnuala Corbett from IRadio

As part of their Summer iGoHome promotion, iRadio will make a very special stop in Leitrim this Friday, August 16.

The Lift on iRadio with Dave Duke and Fionnuala Corbett will broadcast live from Dave Duke's Home house in Glenade on Friday.
The Idea behind iRadio's iGoHome is to showcase the locations that their presenters love and to touch base with where they are from and where they grew up.

Dave Duke is a proud Leitrim man and an even more proud Glenade man. Growing up in the shadow of Truskmore mast it seems only apt that he brings his show on iRadio to his sitting room.
Dave told the paper: "Little did I think a few years ago that I would have the opportunity to put on a radio show in the room that I used to watch telly in"

"I have only two agendas on the day, number one is busting the myth that Leitrim has no traffic lights and number two is stressing strenuously that Glencar Waterfall is Leitrim's NOT Sligo's."

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