Gortletteragh Community News

Irish Pilgrimage Trust

Irish Pilgrimage Trust

The Irish Pilgrimage Trust wish to thank everyone who contributed to their church gate collection at St Mary’s Church, Gortletteragh on Sunday morning last. The amount collected was €191.80 and it goes towards providing respite care for young people with special needs in Ireland and Lourdes.

Self Help Africa

Next weekend the Self Help Africa church gate collection will be held at all the churches in Gortletteragh. Your support would be much appreciated. The monies raised help to promote seed production in the poorest countries in the world with a view to helping them produce enough of their own food to support their families

Autumn Club

There will be a meeting of the Autumn Club tomorrow night, March 7th at 8pm. Classes for the group in Photography Techniques and Reflexology/Aromatherapy are scheduled to take place in March and April Details will be outlined at the meeting.