Corraleehan-Aughawillan Community News

“Men Get It Off”

“Men Get It Off”

Come support the guys being waxed on our fundraising night for your local Scout Group, 1st Leitrim, in Smyth’s Siopa Ól, Saturday, 1st June from 9pm onwards. Music on the night, a night of great entertainment guaranteed.

May Run Walk Or Roll

The annual May Run Walk Or Roll in aid of Cancer Research and the North West Hospice will be held on Sunday, May 26th commencing at Aughnasheelin Community Centre at 1pm. Entry fee is €10. Sponsorship cards on request. You should contact Cait at 087-2123703. Join the walk and you will not only support a good cause but you will also bring your friends and families together for a great fun afternoon. Last year, a sum in excess of €10,000 was raised for Cancer Research and this year the organisers hope to exceed that remarkable sum for these two very deserving causes. If you can’t walk, you can help out with stewarding, refreshments, registration and so on or you can donate to If you are donating but not walking, why not join these walkers for refreshments in the Community Centre after the event? We can only wish the walkers and organisers financial success for the worthy causes and hope they get a “Pet Day” as the old folk used to say about a sunny day arriving in the midst of a host of bad ones which so far the year 2013 has been all about. Go n Deiridh an Bothar Libh on Sunday, May 26th.

McGahern connections in Corraleehan

Some weeks ago, Ballinamore native, Frank Brennan brought Irish Times journalist Marese McDonagh to Corraleehan Church where it had been intergral to the life and works of the late and famed author John McGahern whose mother Susan, nee McManus, was a native of Corraleehan. Frank also brought along a photographer and in this coming Saturday’s Irish Independent will be a feature in the Weekend section which will include among other things about how they were taken in with the Corraleehan countryside. It’s a rarity for our little Corraleehan/Aughawillan parish to get a mention in such an upmarket paper so one could presume that there will be a stampede from the parish to buy an Indo on Saturday.

Ballinamore PPS Reunion

On Sunday June 2nd, we will have the opportunity of meeting for the first time since we’ll not say for how long the “ex-cons” who got up to all sorts of “divilment” in our college days and can discuss such things as the mornings when the school cases fell off the bicycle carriers, bursting thermos flasks and causing us to have as good (or bad) dry bread on its own as there was little in the way of sandwich fillings in those bad old pre-common market times. We can also dicuss the merits and demerits of those who poet Oliver Goldsmith wrote about in his poem about the school beside the straggling fence and the lines such as “full well the busy whisper circling round, conveyed the dismal tidings when he frowned” and “full well they laughed with counterfeited glee at all his jokes for many a joke had he” but not with our former tutors of course.

Needless to say, discussion about such other things as how our Mean Scoil Fatima counterparts showed “a bit of leg” in those days of skirts rather than trousers, bearing out the Doomsday prophert Colmcille’s prediction, “You will not in those latter days know the women from the men” and right enough, between similarities in clothing and hairstyle like those of S(k)in(h)ead O’Connor and all the shaved male scalps, you must concede that the prophet had more than a point.

Anyway, getting back to June 2nd, Mass will be celebrated in Ballinamore and will be followed by a barbecue, a chat and reminiscences in Mean Scoil Fatima. The committee would welcome photographs, memoribilia, old uniforms or part thereof, old magazines and so on. Photographs can be scanned and emailed to or dropped in or posted to the school office at St. Felim’s College where they will be copied and returned. Any staff member will be delighted to accept such articles. For further information or suggestions to make June 2nd a memorable day, you should email the above address or contact the college at 071-96-44049. Check it out on www.ballinamorepps for further event details.

What’s New Pussycat?

Most of the poor unfortunate farmers were only starting to spread the granular fertilizers on the first week of May and judging by the amount of clay to be seen on tractor wheels, they must have damaged the surface of the planet to a deep extent. For a change, their more illustrious counterparts, the PFFT in West Cavan were also late with the 10-10-20 etc and having driven on their highways, it’s obvious that they brought a percentage of their landed property onto roads via tractor tyres as well and the livestock mortality rates is causing funeral undertakers to be busy, conveying corpses of the deceased to Monery and other such dead cow venues. Even from the super rich land “Up the Country”, came reports about how some such undertakers must work at least 15 hour days, Sunday and all, to clear the backlog because of a combination of famine for grass and resulting diseases. It all reminds one of the Potato Famine of 1845 to 1848 when a million and a half people died as a result of crop failure with such diseases as T.B. resulting from debilitation killing many as well.

One thinks of the quote in the Viking Lounge many moons ago from the late Harold Crawford who had read a host of prophecies. He told of how during the Famine of the 1840s, an Irish “seer” predicted that “the next Famine will take place at the stake”. Obviously, there were no slatted sheds in the 1840s but how could a man foresee the arrival of such “mod cons” in the days when cows were tied to stakes in byres? Have we seen the start of such a famine in 2013, you ask yourself?

So-called journalists writing in sensationalist Irish tabloids have in recent times twice mentioned about how large numbers of school pupils and 2nd level students are falling asleep and even fainting in classrooms because of malnutrition. Yours truly, being far from a qualified journalist, cannot but notice how students at supermarket delis can afford to buy the best on offer before going outside to have drags from fags and even lengthy conversations on modern mobile phones in the daubiest and poorest county in the country.

Talking about the above tabloids, one of these recently reported about how the wearers of lipstick, rouge and stilettos are more astute moneywise when they go shopping and less than a month later, the same tabloid told its readers in total contrast that men are more economically minded on shopping trips. Come to think of it, the fair sex spend a “sight” of money on the cosmetics mentioned above not to mention “foundation creams,” hair dyeing agents, perms, nail and toe varnishes, etc and all these women’s magazines ranging from “Elle” to “Woman’s Way’’ approximately 2 dozen in all. Their husbands normally settle for a bottle of aftershave lotion which often doubles up as body deodorant and lasts for weeks rather than days

Further economy on the part of hubbies arises via the fact that there is not a magazine called “Men’s Way” because men seldom get their way in total violation of St. Paul’s, “Woman obey thy husband” as it goes in the Christian Bible.