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Ardcarne Community Games

Ardcarne Community Games

The sports day took place on Monday, 6th May, in Ardcarne Park on a glorious sunny afternoon. A fun day was had by the large numbers who turned out. 
One of the first races of the day was the Tiny Tots Under 4 and those boys were Darragh Lee, Ryan Moran, and Malachy Chilton. The Girls Under 4 were Lola Coppieters, Leah Moran, Kate Tansey. They all completed the 40m to receive medals.

Winners of the 50m Tiny Tots Girls Under 6 were 1st Erin Monaghan, 2nd Amelia Philips, 3rd Sophia Bruen, 4th Grace McCawley. The Boys Tiny Tots Under 6 50m 1st Philip Doyle, 2nd Alex Oates, 3rd Brion Dowd.
Girls Under 8 60m 1st Leah McCawley, 2nd Ruby Lane, 3rd Rebecca Lee, 4th Aisling Glynn. Girls Under 8 80m 1st Ruby Lane, 2nd Leah McCawley, 3rd Rebecca Lee, 4th Hannah Keaveny.

Boys Under 8 60m 1st Joseph Chilton, 2nd Barry Monaghan, 3rd Ruadhan Henry, 4th Philip Doyle. Boys Under 8 80m 1st Joseph Chilton, 2nd Barry Monaghan, 3rd Ruadhan Henry, 4th Cormac Regan 
Girls Under 10 100m 1st Aine Harte, 2nd Leah Lynch, 3rd Aoibhinn O’Dowd, 4th Amy Tiernan. Girls Under 10 200m 1st Aine Harte, 2nd Aoibhinn O’Dowd, 3rd Sarah Lee,, 4th Leah Lynch. Boys Under 10 100m 1st Patrick Charles, 2nd Jack Lane, 3rd Harry Bruen, 4th Bryan O’Connor.

Boys Under 10 200m 1st Patrick Charles, 2nd Bryan O’Connor, 3rd Jack Lane, 4th Harry Bruen. Girls Under 12 100m 1st Juliet Doyle & Julie Philips, 2nd Saoirse Wynne, 3rd Laura Martin, 4th Ailill Dorman. Girls Under 12 600m 1st Julie Philips & Laura Martin, 2nd Ailill Dorman & Juliet Doyle, 3rd Maeve Duignan, 4th Tori Monaghan.

Boys Under 12 100m 1st Oliver Charles, 2nd Jim Harte, 3rd Alan O’Connor, 4th Andrew Tiernan. Boys Under 12 600m 1st Oliver Charles, 2nd Alan O’Connor, 3rd Jim Harte, 4th Andrew Tiernan.
Boys Under 14 100m 1st Fiachra O’Dowd, 2nd Oisin O’Dowd, 3rd Niall Curry, 4th Robert Gillespie. Boys Under 14 800m 1st Fiachra Henry, 2nd Oisin O’Dowd, 3rd Fiachra O’Dowd, 4th Seamus Blackwell.

Girls Under 14 100m 1st Clodagh Curry, 2nd Aisling Bruen, 3rd Victoria Philips & Ruby Vincent, 4th Lavina O’Brien. Girls Under 14 800m 1st Clodagh Curry, 2nd Victoria Philips & Ruby Vincent, 3rd Emer Dowd, 4th Aisling Bruen. Girls Under 10 Hurdles 60m 1st Amy Tiernan, 2nd Aine Harte, 3rd Aida Coppiters. Boys Under 10 Hurdles 60m 1st Patrick Charles, 2nd Bryan O’Connor, 3rd Harry Bruen.
Girls Under 14 Hurdles 80m 1st Roisin Wynne, 2nd Ruby Vincent, 3rd Lavina O’Brien. Boys Under 14 Hurdles 80m 1st Fiachra O’Dowd, 2nd Oisin ODowd, 3rd Seamus Blackwell.

Girls Under 12 Ball Throw 1st Maeve Duignan 2nd Tori Monaghan 3rd Aoife Guckian. Boys Under 12 Ball Throw 1st Shane O’Loughlin Glynn 2nd Nino Chilton 3rd Brion O’Dowd. Boys Under 12 Long Puck 1st Shane Glynn, 2nd Jim Harte, 3rd Andrew Tiernan.

The Mothers race was very competitive with a lot of entrants but the winners were 1st Niamh Tansey, 2nd Catriona Lynch, 3rd Laura Raftery. Likewise in the Fathers race the winners were 1st Glen Charles, 2nd Gary Lydon, 3rd Vernon Keaveny.
Thanks to all parents and children and well done to all who participated on the day. Good Luck to all those going forward to the the county finals in Ballyleague on 8th June. Special thanks to St Michael’s GAA Club for the use of their facilities. Thanks to Vernon Keaveney and team who prepared the grounds so well for the event.

Thanks to Willie Griffin who provided the sound system and to Padraic Harte our MC for the day. Thanks to the two Michaels who looked after the Ball Throw and Long Puck. Great fun and laughter was had by all during the many novelty races, the sack race, wheelbarrow race, Piggy back race. Thanks to Kathleen Clancy and team for the sweet and tea/coffee shop, Robert and Kate Doyle, Ann and Cathal Beirne, all those for the home baking and to Cleen Hall for the use of their tables. The Community Games hoodies and t-shirts are still available for sale. If interested please contact any committee member.