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The Country Boy

The Country Boy

As we mentioned in recent local notes, Corraleehan Cultural and Heritage Society formed in 2012 have carried out many improvements to the old Clogher National School turning it into a community centre which along with the grounds on which it stands is now in pristine condition.

Like the General Election motto of 2012 or so year ago, it is a case of “A lot done, more to do” and without funding, this cannot be achieved. As part of fundraising efforts, a high quality play called “The Country Boy” penned by the famed playwright, John Murphy will be staged in the Clogher Centre on this coming Friday and Saturday night starting at 8:30pm sharp.

This 3 act comedy is about emigration from rural Ireland, the discovery that “hills are green far away” when an American home on holidays makes alarming admissions to his brother while under the influence of a liquid substance. Land and love enter the picture as well and the play is full of humour.

Director and Producer is the one and only Frank Cadam who always has the knack of getting the best out of his production and with a quality cast comprising locals like seasoned campaigner Pat Rehill and Tracey and Kevin McTague, Monica Mahon from Rooskey and Patrick and Karen Whitlow from Keshcarrigan.

You can be assured of a great night of entertainment. Two very capable Aughawillan ladies, Tish Dunleavy and Mary O’Haire, are involved with the casting and production. If you wish to avoid disappointment, you should book your seats with Joanne at 087-9233716, Helen at 087-4140849 or Tracey at 087-2842718 as soon as possible as as a less expensive option you can book with Supervalu’s Chief Whip Micheal McGovern in the store itself. Tickets cost a mere €10.

Best of luck to all concerned with the Sliabh an Iarainn players on both nights.

Holy Smoke

As devout Roamin Cadillacs from, as Scripture says, “the four corners of the Earth” wait with bated breath for the appearance of white smoke from the flues of the Vatican chimney on the next Election Day, many things come to mind.

First of all, the original “Pope”, the one and only Jesus Christ himself, was a practising Jew judging by the amount of mentions of the word temple like mar shampla the parable about the pharisee and the publican going into the temple to pray.

Pharisees and publicians were well known to be Jews in those Biblical days. Then along came St Peter who was the first to sit on the Vatican throne, was the original king of the “Christmas” despite being obviously a Jew.

The whole goddamn thing is so confusing because as time went by, Peter’s successors became leaders of the newly founded “Catholic” Church with a Jewish origin.

Then in an unlikely twist we had the Germans torturing the Jews before burying them in quick-limed mass graves, the “Jerries” being descended from the Jews like ourselves religion-wise, but practicing Christians in those days of the late 1930s to mid 40s when very un-Christian deeds were done.

What’s New Pussycat?

In one of last week’s dailies, we witnessed the caption “Grocery Stores 12% Costlier than 2011”.

Included are such items as Denny’s sausages which soared from €1.55 to €1.85, Lyon’s Tea Bags from €3.24 to €3.78 and worst of all was Head and Shoulders shampoo which escalated from €3.03 to a hair-raising €3.86. Bald men must be clapping themselves on the back at the thought of evading such expenditure in these terrible times.

In early 2012 on the way into one of our local supermarkets, we read about how it was “The Year of the Dragon”.

The aforementioned Dragon never existed, being a mythical creature but so-called astrologists fell for it as usual. The year of 2013 will have to be called “The Year of the Horse” because of all the stuff being written about feoil na gcapill making its way into burgers or “burglars” as the old folk called them when chip shops first hit local towns in the 1970s and 80s.

This latest revelation involving Irish tycoon, Lorcan Maith an Fear will be of no help to the poor unfortunate farmers in Leitrim or indeed the P.F.F.T in West Cavan. The Poles, among others, are getting a share of the blame as well. Between them all, they have made the proverbial “horse’s ass” of the lucrative burger business.

The late lamented Harold Crawford had a saying to do with human greed, “What goes out with the wind comes in with the waves.” As the older folk used to say, “He was a man before his time”.

To finish on a religious note, the Phoenix Magazine had on their front cover a photo of the line-up of cardinals during the last Vatican conclave of 2004 with one saying, “Let’s have a hymn” to which a colleague replied, “Well, we can’t have a her!”. We really look forward to what will appear on their front cover when conclave 2013 comes to pass.

The same Phoenix never let you down as after the appointment of Albert Reynolds as Taoiseach in the mid 1990s, they had a cartoon of him on the label of a pet food tin with the following three lines, top one being “8 out of 10 cute hoors say they prefer him”. In the middle was “He’s everyone’s pal now” and for the sell-by date on the bottom line was “Best before the country cops on”. Priceless stuff, no doubt, and long may it continue.