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Killargue Community meeting

Killargue Community meeting

Well it happened on Wednesday 13th, as planned. And a few more people turned up... outnumbering the committee which was great! There was a lot of discussion, ideas discussed, some thrown out whilst others thrown out were then brought back in. So it looks like the reunion weekend will go ahead after all!

Three sub-committees were set up to take some of the planning for each of the main events forward. The week-end looks roughly like this: Mass at the Holy Well at 6pm on 15th August with a get together and music in the Community Centre afterwards. (This is subject to whether a Priest is available and no certainty on that score at present). A Race Night in Reynolds Bar on Friday, 16th August and a ‘Banquet’ in the Community Centre on Saturday 17th. Running in the Community Centre throughout this period will be a living history exhibition of Killargue life and times, focusing particularly on the 5 closed schools that once served the area.

This is a scaled down version of the original thoughts for the week-end, but everyone attending the meeting felt that these events were more achievable, particularly given the limited numbers of people involved in getting them up and running. Watch out as YOUR help is still needed. Each person attending Wednesday’s meeting undertook to try and bring one more person along with them to the next meeting on Wednesday, 27th February starting at 8pm. See you there!

Call for photographs

As part of the living history exhibition there will be a photographic exhibition. Photos are requested relating to any aspect of Killargue life across the years. Obviously school photos are very important but so are any photos that give an insight into the life and times of the village and it’s surroundings. Bridget Fitzpatrick, Patty Reynolds or myself are the people to drop your photos in to. We’ll be scanning all the photos onto the computer so you will very quickly get your precious photos back and we’ll then just use the computer images.

The reason the call for photographs is so early is that this is a big project and the material will take some organising. Patty Reynolds, I believe, is off to Ballinamore library shortly as that is where the archive of past school material is held, including the class lists plus essays and poems by past pupils. Should be interesting.

Call for visitors!

If you know of friends or family members who attended any of the 5 closed schools then why not contact them, tell them what’s being planned and see if they’ll come along? It’s what a Gathering is all about. Actually it doesn’t really matter whether you did or didn’t go to any of the schools in Killargue,’s going to be a great weekend for ALL Killargue residents, friends and families.....just tell everyone about the weekend and ask them to come along!

Queries answered

I’ve been asked a few questions of late, questions to which I don’t know the answers or could even guess at! One such query was about grants for personal alarms for elderly people. Some people say grants are available, others say that they are not. The people who actually know about this and all kinds of other issues are the Citizens Information Service. The Manorhamilton office, the nearest one for Killargue, opens on Wednesdays between 10.30am and 1.30pm, and on Fridays between 10.30am and 2pm. Also available is a phone number, operating Monday to Friday between 9am and 8pm. The number is 076-1074000. Contact them, they’re always willing to help! I didn’t know about their opening you all did though! If you did, then my apologies for trying to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs!

A light (hearted) walk on Friday 1st March

Leaving the Health Centre in Dromahair at 6.30pm the walk will go down through Dromahair village to the Park to highlight the potential of the Dromahair Arts and Recreational Centre project: playground, out-door gym, nature walk, all weather pitches etc etc.

The idea is for individuals, groups, clubs, young and not so young to have a stroll and a chat and remind themselves of just what advantages are going to be had once all the new facilities are actually installed. There are thoughts about asking everyone to bring along something to eat and share once the park is reached, a bit like a Boston Tea Party/American supper. Maybe tea/coffee etc will be provided once the destination is reached...? At this stage who knows? More information on this nearer the time but why not keep the date free?

EPA public consultation

Environmental Protection Agency - public consultation on terms of reference regarding the impact of fracking. Actually the terms of reference are wider than just the process of fracking but some might say that they are not wide enough. Should anyone be interested in knowing more about this consultation process, about the potential impact of drilling and fracking on the local environment or be interested in helping with the submission of a local community response to the Terms of Reference then please contact me at the numbers given at the top of the notes and I’ll organise some advice and guidance so that a local voice can be heard. Closing date for responses is 8th March so we would need to get together within the next 2 weeks. Also contact me at the above numbers if you would just like some more information. I don’t know a lot about unconventional energy extraction but I know people who do and who would be happy to talk to us.

Inez McPadden launching her first book

On 9th March at 4pm sharp go along to Mulveys, Main Street, Carrick on Shannon as Inez will be there doing a book signing.

Inez McPadden, formerly Inez O’Callaghan from Drumshanbo, is now a local girl.....she lives in Dromahair.( I know, some people will say that Dromahair isn’t local......well it’s more local than Drumshanbo and is the same parish as Killargue!) Lets wish Inez the best of luck for the success of her book.

Apostolic Group Raffle

Wait for it, the tickets aren’t quite ready, but any day now members of the Apostolic Group will be amongst you selling tickets at €2 a line. All funds raised are for the Missions I understand.

Did you know?

That at least 9 Killargue families have offspring working overseas? Quite a few are in Perth, Western Australia, where the temperature last week-end was 40 degrees Celsius! Also did you know that it hasn’t rained in Auckland, New Zealand, since Christmas Day? Just think of it, heat and no rain in a wouldn’t THAT be good!

Does anybody know?

Why Leitrim County Council are digging two massive holes at Leddy’s corner? Probably something to do with the water? Could be I suppose....we’ve had two days over the past week with no water! I wish they’d let us know when they’re going to cut it the ESB do.

Without you...

there’s nothing to share, so anything that happened yesterday, is happening today or expected to happen tomorrow that may be of interest to our community, then please let me know at the number/address at the top of these notes and I’ll spread the word!