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Next Tuesday night, 7th May at 9pm in Newtowngore. Everybody welcome.

Property Tax

7th May is the deadline for a paper return for the Local Property Tax (LPT). The online filing date is May 28th. As LPT is self-assess tax, you will be liable even if you have not received the form.

If you have more than 1 property, return must be made online. Self employed people will not receive a Tax Clearance Cert and will incur surcharge if LPT is not paid.

Payment Methods: Deducted at souse from Salary or Occupational Pension (commencing from first payment in July) Deducted at source from certain payments received from Department of Social Protection or the Department of Agriculture. Direct Debit (debited from 15 July) Debit/Credit card on line/ Cash Payment at your local post office, Payzone or Omnivend.

Exemption: Building completed after 1st May. B&B’s & Guesthouses, a person’s main residence which is vacated for 12 months or more due to illness. Residential properties owned by charities or public bodies. Nursing homes, mobile homes, properties fully subject to commercial rates.