Lorraine is your ‘champion’ for Digital TV switchover

The Digital TV Switchover public information and awareness campaign is well and truly underway in local communities across the country.

The Digital TV Switchover public information and awareness campaign is well and truly underway in local communities across the country.

The 26 Digital Outreach Champions appointed by community network, The Wheel and Irish Rural Link as part of the Digital Outreach programme initiated by the Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, are now actively helping create greater awareness and understanding of the Digital Switchover in their local communities.

The 26 Champions, representing all counties in the Republic of Ireland, were specifically selected following an application process which was advertised nationally and locally and sought to identify people living in local communities throughout Ireland with a keen interest in helping inform more vulnerable people living in local communities across the country about the digital switchover.

The Digital Outreach Champions gathered in Dublin for two days of training in March to learn about the nature and scope of the Department’s Digital Switchover national information and awareness campaign and what is expected of them in their roles as Digital Outreach Champions.

The Department’s Outreach Programme is committed to ensuring that the more vulnerable people in the country are not left behind when the analogue TV signal is switched off on Wednesday 24th October this year.

Anyone who currently relies on an aerial to watch TV - approximately 250,000 households across Ireland - will need to take action before 24th October 2012 to retain access to TV services.

Guidance on the Digital Switchover is available at here, through LoCall 1890 940 980 (English language) and 1890 940 970 (Irish language). Information booklets are also available in post offices and Citizen Information Centres throughout the country.

Lorraine Mulvey is the Digital Outreach Champion for Leitrim/Roscommon. She is currently contacting people involved in community organisations throughout the county who are interested in getting involved in the programme.

She said “This will take a huge community effort. We want to make sure that nobody in Leitrim and Roscommon is left behind, especially people who are more isolated where television is an important part of their contact with the outside world. I’d be delighted to talk to anyone around the county who would like to help: they do not need to have any technical expertise, they just need to be interested in helping others in their community to make the switch”.

Lorraine has considerable experience in community organisations and activity in the area. She works for the Leitrim Development Company which is responsible for the delivery of the Local and Community Development Programme and the Rural Development Programme in Leitrim.

Lorraine can be reached at 071 9631715.