Looking back at the Leitrim Observer

Bad election poetry and Roscommon v Leitrim

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Looking back at the Leitrim Observer

Looking back at the news from this week in history.

So what was making the news in the Leitrim Observer  half a century ago and 90 years ago?


Leitrim avoid "football robbery"

Leitrim are back in the football limelight as a result of an unexpected but thoroughly deserved victory over Roscommon on Sunday last in the semi-final of the Connacht Senior Championship. The score of 2 goals, 8 points to 2 goals, 6 points, does not reflect the winners' superiority and, indeed, it would have been "football robbery" had Roscommon managed to secure a winning goal "direct" from a last minute 14 yards' free. (Page 10, June 17, 1967)


Humour from the ballot box in the Sligo/Leitrim Election 

In the ballot boxes various remarks and efforts at poetic effusions were found on slips or written across the ballot paper. The following poem, evidentially written by some Sligo wag, was found in a ballot box:

I often heard election time brings merriment and fun
So I find the greatest pleasure in giving Roddy No 1;
Joyhn Hennigan and Gilligan shall get my 2 and 3,
But Frank Carty, for good reasons, will get no vote from me.
Now I ask a simple favour, if elected you should be,
If you call at Fitz's pub pay for two pints for me.

(Page 2, June 18, 1927)