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Love Thy Neighbour

Love Thy Neighbour

Aughawillan Drama Troupe will stage the 3 act comedy, “Love Thy Neighbour” written by Jimmy Keary and produced by Tommy Moran on tomorrow Thursday night February 14th, 15th, 16th and 19th in the local Community Centre. The curtain rises at 8.30pm sharp on all four nights and your attendance will be very welcome.

The Great Brain Robbery

Every now and then, we read about how Irish youth in their twenties with university degrees are leaving this land on a scale not seen since the year 1961 when John B. Keane penned the quality emigration play. “Many Young Men of Twenty” about how so many hopefuls fled the country through dearth of dosh in their shallow pockets and 1961 was also the year when Aughawillan G.F.C. saw for the first time in the proverbial donkey’s years the inability to field the “bare fifteen” clad in togs, jerseys, socks, etc. In those early 1960s days, lads like the local corr experienced tuition in Aughawillan N.S from female teachers only.

Now it is some anti-climax to see well educated cailíní happy to earn a bit above the basic minimum wage at checkouts in supermarkets, hardware stores, shops, etc rather than cross the “Briney” to England, the US and wherever in search of so-called greener pastures. Worse still, it was recently written that Irish females could be about to get a raw deal from such as accountancy firms and even State bodies like the teaching fraternity mentioned above because of having to pay them so-called “maternity leave” and pay replacements in their absence as well.

There will undoubtedly be street protests with placards bearing the word, “Discrimination” etc but these will experience a multitude of blind eyes because of the financial state of the nation where “every penny counts” as the old folk used to say.

Poor Enda from Mayo and his retinue in Leinster House will be shouldered with much of the blame but just think of the days when our poor mammas and paupers who coined the phrase about every penny counting had in 1981 to grin and bear the sight of one C.J. Haughey saying on TV, “This country is living way beyond its means” while he was being chauffeur-driven in a Merc buying a multi-million pound (not Euro) island the name of Inisvicullane for the purpose of parking his “Celtic Mist” yacht on at holiday and 3 month “summer recess” times while the youth of Ireland were fleeing abroad because of joblessness. Just like now. The old folk had the saying, “Better to go to bed hungry than to have no bread on the table next morning”, because of the terrible times they experienced during the Emergency of the 1930s and World War Two.

History repeats itself as they say and despite all that is being written about the benefits of “burning” the Anglo Irish Bank you can rest assured that through the need of the “Second Bailout” mentioned in the same media, even harder times lie ahead so save up every penny you can while times go from bad to worse and even worser.

What’s New Pussycat?

Last week’s Leitrim Observer readers were treated to the news that our cars are the oldest in the country. It may sound like bad news but every cloud has a silver lining as they say and with so many vehicles bearing 95LM and 96LM plates, many of their pilots with a little bit of patience see the day when they will qualify for “Vintage” category with its attendant cheap motor tax and insurance. At vintage days such as those annually held in Bawnboy, you can see cars manufactured in the 1940s and 50s restored to pristine condition but at a terrible cost because as the owners of that era used to say, “You could strain cabbage” through their bodyworks such was the quality of rust holes after just eight or nine years of rolling on the tarmac.

The more modern motors in total contrast have a life expectency, in some cases, well in excess of thirty years when you look at mar shampla VW Golfs with paintwork you “could see yourself in” and never got anything except annual polishings according to their owners. Of course in these awful days when so many are on Debt Row, the vehicles we drive are heading towards vintage category. Perhaps we could form another society of S.P.U.C or the “Society for the Prolonged Use of Cars” or cars too long born, unlike the “U” meaning unborn in the society mentioned above.