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St. Bridget’s Day Cross making

St. Bridget’s Day Cross making

St. Bridget’s Day Cross making takes place in the North Leitrim Women’s Centre on Thursday, 31st January from 10am-12pm. Fresh Leitrim rushes provided! Cost €5.

Killargue Community Supper

Starting at 8pm or after Saturday evening Mass at St Bridget’s church on 2nd February, the point of this FREE event is to develop plans for the Killargue Schools Reunion due to take place over August 15th-18th. It might seem a long way off (well Saturday isn’t but August is),but it’s a big event and will take some thinking out and organising so all hands to the pumps please!

Come along and enjoy the evening even if you don’t think you have any ideas to contribute at this stage...what’s the worst that could happen? Who knows, you might get inspired and come up with the greatest idea of worst you might get indigestion!

Call for School Photographs

Still calling! Just to remind everyone, this call is for photographs from the school days of ANY person who attended school in ANY school which served/serves the Killargue area. The idea is to have an exhibition of photos and reminiscences up in the community centre throughout the August bash. So far I’ve got 2 photos..both of which have Sonny Flannagan in!

I know that there are lots of us blow-ins living in the community, some for donkey’s years, so maybe we could all look out relevent photos of past Killargue events as well? After all, many of the Killargue events have taken place in the community centre which was a school after all!

Happy Gardeners are at it again

Next meeting will be held on Saturday 2nd February at Janice and Ed’s house starting at 2pm. We’ll be discussing forthcoming planting ideas, as the new season is almost upon us! We’ll also be drinking tea and eating cake so if any of these activities interest you in the slightest then come along. The TV will be on in the background as the Ireland/Wales rugby match is on! For directions call Janice or Ed on 0872147453 or 0876973633.

Public Consultation

I’ve been finding out more about this consultation and share it here. Apologies to all knowledgeable persons if I get anything wrong, please contact me and I’ll correct it!

Firstly, any research needs terms of reference which limits and specifies exactly what the research is doing and what for. The research being proposed is to look into the whole issue of unconventional gas exploration in Ireland. The difference between conventional and unconventional exploration is that one is well known and more traditional whilst the other is new(er), not traditional and more experimental. Unconventional extraction techniques, as I understand them, are those not covered by the normal conventions (or recognised ways) of doing things, in this case extracting gas/oil from shale rock.

Once the terms of reference are agreed then funding will be provided for research into the 3 areas considered, of interest. The 3 areas so far described are “Baseline characterisation”, “Fracking Operations, Impacts and Mitigation Measures” and “Regulatory Frameworks for Environmental Protection”. (ref. EPA website)

Secondly, public consultation is essential if the views of all interested parties are to be taken into account. This should ensure that terms of reference covers everything that’s important.

Thirdly, all of us, not just in Killargue but across Leitrim and wherever it’s thought that shale gas is present, will be affected by gas exploration/extraction. That’s why it’s important to make a response.

How to make a response? Go to the EPA website. Or do we need a meeting in Killargue to make a collective response? If you think we do need a meeting then let me know at the contacts listed above.

and so, as ever, please remember....

without you there’s nothing to share, so anything that happened yesterday, is happening today or expected to happen tomorrow that may be of interest to our community, then please let me know at the number/address at the top of these notes and I’ll spread the word!