Corraleehan-Aughawillan Community News



The recent death occurred of Katie Carty, Clogher, Corraleehan at the age of eighty-five years. The late Katie came through hard times like World War II and the Emergency of the 1930s and she like many others was forced to emigrate to England in the 1940s and after returning to her native land, she married John RIP in 1953. A very industrious housewife, Katie became the main grower of fowl, especially turkeys for the Christmas table, in the area which she sold large scale so as to provide her eventual family of five sons and one daughter with a decent living on a typical poor Leitrim drumlin farm.

The huge crowds which attended her obsequies in St Brigid’s Church was evidence of the esteem in which she was held. To her sons Michael, John, Eugene, Pat Joe, Seamus, daughter Kathleen and many other relatives and friends, sympathy is extended.

The death occurred in the United States of Christy Creamer, uncle of Kiltyhugh namesake Christy, at the great age of ninety-two. The late Christy’s name became synoymous with Gaelic football both at home and abroad being a county player while in Leitrim and kept the flag flying while in New York. On his many trips on holidays to Ireland, he never missed a call to the local corr’s late father and described himself and his late brother Jim “The Bird” as being “tough as nuts”, Jim being the only man who could put his fist through a bag of flour in the days when he worked on CIE Railway trains, a fair feat indeed. To all his relations at home and abroad, sympathy is extended. May they Rest in Peace.

Aughawillan Drama Troupe Double Bill!

Aughawillan Drama Troupe present the first of two renowned Jimmy Keary comedies in Aughawillan Community Centre this weekend, Thursday 31st, Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday, 3rd February, starting at 8.30pm. The Maiden Aunt is hilarious farce which has entertained audiences throughout the country and the Aughawillan Troupe, under the direction of Tommy Moran bring their special brand of comedy to the stage. Admission is €10 and doors open at 8pm.

The second part of the double bill Love Thy Neighbour is also a hughly entertaining comedy and will be presented on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February again with curtain up at 8.30pm in Aughawillan Community Centre. Come early and avoid disappointment.

What’s New Pussycat?

Almost every time you read a daily tabloid, there is an article either on the front page or a bit further to do with Hollywood AKA “Tinseltown” marriages and about how they broke down after a matter of months, weeks and even days. On reading these you think of the volatility of the marriage thing even in poor “Paddy’s Land” where such unions are often of unbelieveably short duration despite the differences in income compared with their well-heeled counterparts in the US of A.

A lock of years ago, an Englishman on a visit to Ireland and having witnessed the three day event that is an Irish wedding like the “morning after the night before” for the many reception guests and even a morning number three in some tough cases, asked the question, “How long do marriages last in Ireland?” to which came the reply, “They often don’t last much longer than the weddings”.

On hearing that one thought of the controversial Sinead O’Connor who recently expressed regret that the Brits left out of the “Twenty Six” leaving it in charge of Catholic hierarchy who put the people to Hell altogether when they assumed power over the people mentioned in her above. No more than the “tinsel townies”, she has a rare record where marriage and religion are concerned. Then again if you wished to be as controversial as she is, just take a look at the order in which the so-called “Seven Sacraments” were written.

Naturally enough, Baptism is first mentioned but as you read down through the list, it dawns on you that Extreme Unction meaning the Last Rites which should be bottom of the charts has instead in 7th place, “Matrimony” begod. One wonders was the author of the above trying to tell us to stay single as long as we could even to the extent of not entering into the state of so-called “connubial felicity” aka Wedded Bliss until after we have been in receipt of the aforementioned Last Rites.

In other words, have the Padre anoint you before you get married for the sake of peace and quiet in the warring world that is matrimony as the late great John B. Keane opined when he said, “Marriage is an ongoing war marked by short outbreaks of peace”. Just imagine being married long term or even short term to the Sinead O’Connor one mentioned above.